2nd 2006f July, 2006

Binder clips and cables

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How about making without making??

This is such a thing which actually isn’t a project in itself – but if it will give you a tenth as much help as its given me in the past years then it’s something I just have to share with you.

In short – attach your cables in a smart way with an ordinary office supply and keep them movable/slidable.

Link: Binder clips and cables

9th 2005f November, 2005

Build an record cleaning machine

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Record cleaning machine
Everyone (!) knows that vinyl sounds better then CD! Or… maybe not everyone. But there’s still a lot of people that really care about the quality of the music and they tend to prefer vinyl to CD’s.
The one thing that causes most people to believe that CD sounds better then vinyl is that CD’s don’t produce that irritating background noise. Well it can be irritating, but the noise is caused by dust and fat on the record and that gets picked up by the pickup – if you don’t clean it. Back in the good old days people very often had a fine brush to lift off the dust but they only work partially.
To really clean you record you first need to apply a special cleaning liquid, then brush it with the brush, and last suck off all the dust, fat and liquid.
Chris at Teres Audio made a record cleaning machine to solve this. Less then $50 and you have a professional tool to take care of your old records.

Link: Record cleaning machine

2nd 2005f November, 2005

How to mount your iPAQ in the car

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iPAQ vent mounted
I’ve tried suction devices, fixed holders, snap-lock holders, commercial vent mounts – and they’re never as good as you want them. The stable ones are expensive and often fixed to the vehicle, and the mobile ones are not stable.
In this article we’ll build our own vent mount that fixes the stability problem with four washing pegs. And it takes 5 seconds to mount and 1 to remove. Neat!
And as it’s spring loaded, the pegs can flex a bit and this will allow you to mount the holder instantly in most car vents available. We have at least not run into any problems yet.

Link: Mount your iPAQ in the car with pegs

11th 2005f October, 2005

Build your own tripod

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Sometimes you need a tripod to put things on, like a camera or a telescope. A tripod. Plain and simple three legs that go together in one point where you attach whatever you want to attach. The problem is that the cheap ones available are not stable, and the stable ones are not cheap.
This was the problem that Doug Nelle faced, and using his experience from building tripods earlier he now decided to build one that was stable enough – using crouches!

Yepp, you read it right – crouches. By taking three old-style crouches that he bought from a nearby recycling center he made a stable tripod that can carry some serious weight.

Read how he did it in Your own tripod, cheap!

10th 2005f October, 2005

Automated chicken feeder

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It’s a cold and rainy day, and your flue isn’t making things better. And at the back of your house your chickens need to be fed, so you don’t have another choice then to bulk up and get out and do it.

And then you have people like Tom Boschman who rather sit inside with a nice cup of coffee on a day like this. He saw it as a challange when his friend Tim came up with the idea.

In a three page article he will show you in detail how to build everything from the grain container, the transport for the grain and the electronics to make it work.

Have a look at The Automated chicken feeder project!

Make your own wearable LED display

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Leah Buechley (on the picture) has got it right!! She combined programming, with soldering and sewing! Now that’s what diy is all about.

In a 7 page article she will show you from a-z how she put together a ‘wearable led display’, perfect for club hopping! ( Or maybe… NOT! ) The purpose of the whole display is to show off the ‘Game of life’ which is a mathematical simulation of life. You can read more about the game of life here.

The project contains a lot of good close ups on her work in progress, and even a short movie where you can see the simulation running. I only wished that she would dance a bit at the same time.

But for now – read about her project in it’s full glory!!

15th 2005f July, 2005

DIY outdoor cooling system

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Summer time is here in the northern hemisphere and with it comes the heat waves. Cooling indoors is of course not something new, but how about cooling down your sitting area outside? In this article we will show you how you can make use of some ordinary things you can find in your home and garage, and put this together to an efficient cooling machine.
I can only say this – you’ll need some cleaning deturgent in an spray bottle and a garden hose.
Read the full article at

9th 2005f July, 2005

How to build a cardboard chair

by @ 11:21. Filed under Non electric hacks

It’s not anything new that when you need a chair – you don’t have one. But what if you could have a low weight, low cost, foldable chair inside your backpack or briefcase?? Designboom held a competition which ended in the summer of 2003, (what do you mean? old news? Naaa!) and it resulted in a lot of foldable chairs in both cardboard and plastic. I just love this concept, and I wonder where I can buy my own… Read more here


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