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Rules for project hosting submissions are:

We”ll pay you between $10/€10 (smaller contribution) and $60/€50 (larger contribution) for any news, articles and projects written by you, that we choose to publish here.
You’ll be given full credit for your work and we’ll put links with your email and website if you wish. Include your full mailing address or IBAN code so that we can send you the cash. Anywhere in the world will do. If you submit news, articles or projects (that is not yours) from other sites we might publish it here but won’t pay out anything. The same goes for projects that has already been published elsewhere.

Benefits with letting us host your project:

  1. Bandwidht – We have sufficient bandwidht to handle the traffic after your article has been promoted on the internet.
  2. Promotion – We’ll take care of the promotion of your project, so that it’ll get read by more and more people.
  3. Layout – Your project will be in the same nice format as it’s here, all you need to do is to send us the text and pictures and we’ll do the rest.

Tips for your project:

  1. Check your text for spelling mistakes.
  2. Pictures should be in focus (use macro mode if you do closeups), and be of good quality
  3. When you write your text, keep it interesting for the reader to keep reading.
  4. What it all comes down to is that your work should be interesting for others to read,
    and it doesn’t really have to be technical to fit in here.

This is a great way of having your work read by the 100.000’s of visitors
coming here every month, and you’ll get full credit for your work.

Send your projects and articles by email to us at mywork1 @

Send your links, comments or news tips by email to us at contact1 @

..or fill in the required fields below.

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