19th 2009f February, 2009

DIY High quality Macro lens

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Canon DIY Macro
Have you ever played around with the macro mode on a camera (you know the ‘flower’ mode)? Most people have, but it’s not that impressive. Mostly because it’s not really close up. A regular macro shot will give you something like 0.5-0.7x magnification, which is… not very impressive.

So lets do something about that!
In this article we’ll show you one way to convert a Canon EF-S 18-55 standard lens to a super macro lens giving you from 1 to 4.5 times magnification! Then we’re talking an object of .2 inches (5mm) wide filling the whole picture!

This image on the side is a long time exposure of an alligator clip up close taken with the lens.

Pages 1-5 shows you the lens works and ideas behind it.
Page 6 contains some sample pictures made with the lens
Page 7 shows you the difference in different focal lengths (how much magnification)
Page 8 demonstrates the practical differences in aperture and what’s useful
Page 9 shows you in detail the different depth of fields with different apertures

Link: DIY High quality macro lens out of a Canon EF-S 18-55

23rd 2006f October, 2006

Another hard drive clock

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Hard drive clock
I made one of these back in December last year (link) and then I saw another interesting version from Rick.

OK, everyone has seen the dude who made an LED POV (persistence of vision) clock out of a hard drive, and we’re all very impressed (no, seriously). But not all of us have those skills. This is a hard drive clock that requires only a power drill and some basic hand tools. No electronics knowledge is necessary. Total project time: 60-90 minutes.

I think this one is interesting as you can actually see that it’s a hard drive. The one I made had a different goal though – to only have hard drive parts visible.
Anyway – I like’em both.

Link: Harddrive clock

18th 2006f October, 2006

Wireless remote control out of a Ding-Dong

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Wireless remote
John Schuch did what I’ve been thinking about for quiet some time. To take a existing RF device and turn it into a power (AC) control.

With the addition of one capacitor, one relay, and a small piece of wire we can convert an inexpensive wireless doorbell into a remotely controlled relay useful for a wide range of applications. These include remote PC starting, lighting control, Halloween effects control, or virtually anything that can be controlled by a pair of relay contacts.

And here’s some food for thought for you DIY’ers. How about taking one of those cute small radio controll cars and turn it into a dimmer control? The benefit of using these small cars as a build base would be that the rf reciever cards are very very small.

Link: Turning a wireless doorbell into a remote control relay

17th 2006f October, 2006

DIY Microscope Webcam

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Microscope webcam
Jose Luis Garrido slaughtered an old cdrom reader… and put the lens for the laser in front of his webcam.
What did he get? A DIY microscope webcam – kind of cool actually!

The page is in Spanish so I also give you the option to read it through Google’s translation engine.

Link: DIY Microscope webcam (Spanish)
Link: DIY Microscope webcam (English)

9th 2006f January, 2006

Converting a laptop keyboard for stationary use

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Keyboard controller for laptop
Have you ever felt that your keyboard was to big? I sure have and I’ve looked at these small replacements your can buy more then a couple of times. Then again, they’re expensive and are usually made for people who needs small keys to prevent RSI – not for people who just want a small keyboard. A laptop keyboard on the contrary is small an has a lot of keys so they’re more suitable for the purpose. They’re also (usually) more quiet.
Lee Char got his hands on an old Compaq 486 laptop keyboard and took upon himself to educate us on how to do this by using the controller from a regular keyboard.

Have a look at the laptop keyboard conversion

2nd 2006f January, 2006

Vodafone prepay flaw allows unlimited upgrades

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Trick Vodafone to upgrade your prepay phone again and again when travelling abroad

Amsterdam A Dutch anonymous reader contacted us with this scoop regarding a flaw in Vodafone’s ‘Pay as you talk’ system. He has a Dutch Vodafone prepay card, known as Pay as you talk in the UK, and went to Sweden after Christmas. As he arrived he realized that his account was empty and went to a gas station to buy some more credits.

“I bought the equivalent of €20 and called the local number for activating it. That didn’t work as I didn’t have any credits left, but after a minute I got an sms telling me to call 1200 for the Dutch menus and I got connected. I then entered the 16 digit code that was on the receipt and the lady told me that it would take up to an hour to activate the credits and that I would get an sms when it was.
Patiently I waited over two hours and nothing happened, so I called the number again and entered the 16 digit code and the lady ensured me the same thing that it could take up to and hour and that I would receive an sms when the transaction was completed. Nothing happened.
After another hour I called the same number again and wondered if I had done something wrong so I listened extra good at the options given and after hanging up it stroked me that it actually said on the receipt that the code was the first 12 and the last 4 was the control number. That would explain why it didn’t work, so I decided to call 1200 again and choose the option to talk to customer service to correct this problem. Do you know what happened? I called 1200 and got the automated reply that ‘You’ve called this number to many times today. You will now be disconnected.'”


24th 2005f December, 2005

How-to add internal USB to your laptop cheap

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Disected USB dongle
Bluetooth is cool but unfortunatley I don’t have it build into my laptop. There is an empty mini-pci slot available but after trying to find a good Bluetooth card to put in there without spending a fortune I simply dropped that solution. And using one of these dirt cheap USB Bluetooth dongles is a hazzle as I don’t like having that sticking out of my laptop the whole time.
Well, why not build it in as Tom did! I’ve seen this kind of projects before – but this one really only uses a Bluetooth dongle plus some cables. No hub or any other electronics so it’s actually a no-brainer to get this one working. That is as long as you have the space within the laptop to hide the dongle away…

Read about how he did it in Adding internal Bluetooth to a Dell Latitude

21st 2005f November, 2005

Wireless audio in your car with Bluetooth

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Bluetooth audio stereo
Using an MP3 player connected to the car stereo is cool. Connecting your iPAQ is cooler. But coolest is definitely to play your MP3’s through the iPAQ to the car stereo using bluetooth! Completely wireless!
HP’s FA303A Bluetooth stereo headset gets slaughtered to get a Bluetooth stereo receiver, then we follow the principal of trial and error and hope that nothing burns before we get the receiver into its box with a 12v power supply and into the car.

And when you have the box ready then you can use it anywhere your imagination takes you. In the car, by the stereo at home or at a friends house, or you can connect it to a high quality headphone!

You will definetly loose your warranty on the headset on this one!

Link: Bluetooth stereo in the car

13th 2005f October, 2005

Silence your mouse

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Click click, click, click click click!
Some people are immune to the sound of the clicking from a mouse, and some are not. Especially if you’re not behind the mouse, but like reading or something, then it can be very irritating.
Hayma is one of these persons that don’t like the clicke-di-click all the time so he decided to do something about it.
In a three page article he will take the mouse apart and modify the buttons that are responsible for generating the click.

Read the further in Silent mouse – The second encounter

27th 2005f September, 2005

How to Hack Hotel Room Pay-Per-View

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So you’re sitting in a hotel room, bored, and the few channels that they give you have nothing good on – Gilligans Island re-runs, Golden Girls, and maybe a Pirates game. Nothing good, so you want to watch pay per view – a good movie or a “good” movie – but you don’t want to put up the 10 bucks to get it. Well, here’s how you can still watch it in most hotel rooms:

Step 1: Get a Universal Remote. These are everywhere, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Buy one for 10 bucks if you have to.
Step 2: Program the remote to “000”…this should work in most cases. If it doesn’t, mess around with it until you get the right code.
Step 3: Press “Menu” to go to the TV’s administration.
Step 4: Use the Channel and/or Volume keys to navigate to the “Channel List” option.
Step 5: Use the Left/Right buttons to change to Channel List B. We want to use Channel List B because Channel List A is where we’ll restore the defaults so no one notices later.
Step 6: Go down to “Channel Memory” and here you can use the up and down arrows to tune any and all channels. When the PPV channels come up, tune them.
Step 7: Enjoy free pay-per-view!!!

In addition to getting free pay per view, you can do a lot of things with this “hack.” For example, changing the name of the channels is possible. Instead of “FOX News” it could be “Breast Milk BreakDance.” That would be good.


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