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Pointless is fun – three mobiles by Brian

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Pointless is fun
Three mobiles by Brian

By Brian@vonneuton

Bug racer
Frog racer
Spinning bishop


Dancing bug
This is the complete Dancing Bug Thingy. My assistant manager and I built it from a massager that we took apart, put paper clip legs on it, and built a switch from paper clips that goes to a AA battery taped to the underside of it.
Unfortunately, there weren’t a whole lot of extra switches laying around, nor did we have a camera available until after it was complete. We’re going to make another one if we get the chance, and we will hopefully get pictures of the process
Dancing bug
Click here for some video of it dancing around.

The One, The Only…


Frog racer

The Frog Racer in all his strange, not green glory.  Unfortunately, this time the thingy came home, and was promptly attacked by the pooch when we ran it in the house, so that’s why on of his eyes is taped on.

Frog racer
On the front, you can see the bag handle we attached as a front wheel, and the small tweeters that make up his eyes.
Frog racer
This one has a rechargeable massager battery, and switch set, but is using two fan motors for making him move and shake. All this has been set in a box that was holding a coaster set that we bought for the case.

On the right, you can see the speaker that’s in the top of the box… we had to make it so we could hook up an mp3 player when he wasn’t doing much, sitting on the desk. There’s a 1/8″ jack on the side toward the back when it’s closed.

So this is what it looks like, top to bottom:

Frog racer
Headphone/Speaker jack. (the iFrog?)
Boomin’ 5W speaker
Recharging port.
Rechargable battery, and switch block soldered on turbo.
Blue power switch on the left.
Support bar so the tire motors don’t buckle.
Fan motors, with rubber band wheels for traction.

It just happened again. Don’t ask why.

Click here for some movin’ and shakin’.
(video encoded with DivX)

The one, the weird damn…


Spinning bishop
This one is pretty cut and dry. Fan motor on the bottom to give it spin, a little base made of cardboard for the battery pack and switch mechanism.

He became the bishop on accident when someone drew a nose and mouth on him, then gave him a cup for a hat. The first video is the really good one, since we had flashing leds and it wobbles all to hell.

Spinning bishop
The second one is him stabilized with his hat. Boring, but working the right way. Plus, it does that really weird TRON thing, where you can kinda see a face in there when it spins. :)
Here’s the second video.

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  1. Frog_Racer Says:

    hey you took the title from my internet screen name

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