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DIY High quality Macro lens

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Canon DIY Macro
Have you ever played around with the macro mode on a camera (you know the ‘flower’ mode)? Most people have, but it’s not that impressive. Mostly because it’s not really close up. A regular macro shot will give you something like 0.5-0.7x magnification, which is… not very impressive.

So lets do something about that!
In this article we’ll show you one way to convert a Canon EF-S 18-55 standard lens to a super macro lens giving you from 1 to 4.5 times magnification! Then we’re talking an object of .2 inches (5mm) wide filling the whole picture!

This image on the side is a long time exposure of an alligator clip up close taken with the lens.

Pages 1-5 shows you the lens works and ideas behind it.
Page 6 contains some sample pictures made with the lens
Page 7 shows you the difference in different focal lengths (how much magnification)
Page 8 demonstrates the practical differences in aperture and what’s useful
Page 9 shows you in detail the different depth of fields with different apertures

Link: DIY High quality macro lens out of a Canon EF-S 18-55

4 Responses to “DIY High quality Macro lens”

  1. Michael L. Says:

    Great to have you back, Chris! I really loved your site when it was on its top a couple of years back. A lot of your quality hacks really inspired me. (:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. nephelometer Says:

    Love the picture. I have a daughter that I will show it to. She is 8 and into close up photography. I am not going to try to modify her camera. Guaranteed that I would stuff it up.

  3. imhkki Says:

    nice tip, and photo :)

  4. anonymouse Says:

    it wouldnt hurt to update once in a while

    fer great justic op

    bamp fer moar grade A content pl0x

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