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Wine in laptop – is that really a good idea?

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Wine in laptop
How often do you think people (maybe you?) spill beverages onto their laptops?
Apparently more often then you think. After the ‘liquid spill’ article last year I’ve been contacted numerous amount of times by people that spilled a bit of wine on their keyboard or that had their cute little three year old pour milk over the laptop.

With this in mind and a bit of time over I decided to sacrifice a laptop with a damage screen and see if it could be recovered after having a glass of wine and one of lemonade poured over it.

So, was it a sacrifice in the end? Have a look at the article which also includes a video (god, I’m a director all of a sudden) of how it was done.

Link: Wine in laptop

4 Responses to “Wine in laptop – is that really a good idea?”

  1. Wine in laptop - is that really a good idea? « Arhive « Latest World’s News Says:

    […] Original post by Chris J. Read More… […]

  2. Bik Says:

    that MUST hurt… good to see u back!

    PS: I wouldn’t make that to a laptop even if I was going to throw it to trash…

  3. nico Says:

    i once spilled half a bottle of red wine into an apple tibook g4 and it seemed like it was wrecked. but after one year of laying around and drying it booted again. the power unit and the keyboard still refused to work but i was able to use it as a file server.

  4. adrian Says:

    I always kept my wine away from any part of my laptop but then again I never thought about water. That’s how I toasted one laptop. But then again, it never happened again!

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