23rd 2006f October, 2006

Another hard drive clock

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Hard drive clock
I made one of these back in December last year (link) and then I saw another interesting version from Rick.

OK, everyone has seen the dude who made an LED POV (persistence of vision) clock out of a hard drive, and we’re all very impressed (no, seriously). But not all of us have those skills. This is a hard drive clock that requires only a power drill and some basic hand tools. No electronics knowledge is necessary. Total project time: 60-90 minutes.

I think this one is interesting as you can actually see that it’s a hard drive. The one I made had a different goal though – to only have hard drive parts visible.
Anyway – I like’em both.

Link: Harddrive clock

18th 2006f October, 2006

Wireless remote control out of a Ding-Dong

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Wireless remote
John Schuch did what I’ve been thinking about for quiet some time. To take a existing RF device and turn it into a power (AC) control.

With the addition of one capacitor, one relay, and a small piece of wire we can convert an inexpensive wireless doorbell into a remotely controlled relay useful for a wide range of applications. These include remote PC starting, lighting control, Halloween effects control, or virtually anything that can be controlled by a pair of relay contacts.

And here’s some food for thought for you DIY’ers. How about taking one of those cute small radio controll cars and turn it into a dimmer control? The benefit of using these small cars as a build base would be that the rf reciever cards are very very small.

Link: Turning a wireless doorbell into a remote control relay

17th 2006f October, 2006

DIY Microscope Webcam

by @ 11:36. Filed under Camera and Webcam, Hack, Projects
Microscope webcam
Jose Luis Garrido slaughtered an old cdrom reader… and put the lens for the laser in front of his webcam.
What did he get? A DIY microscope webcam – kind of cool actually!

The page is in Spanish so I also give you the option to read it through Google’s translation engine.

Link: DIY Microscope webcam (Spanish)
Link: DIY Microscope webcam (English)

16th 2006f October, 2006

RBG Mood Lamp

by @ 21:02. Filed under LED and IR, Projects
Mood lamp
Toon Beerten sent us this wonderful DIY mood lamp.

On this page i will explain how i created my own colour changing lamp with red, green and blue leds that fades between all colours of the rainbow. It really comes out well at night when other light are dimmed. In daylight conditions the colors aren’t noticed well. Although it’s low budget i must say the result is nice.

Link: RGB Mood Lamp

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