7th 2006f March, 2006

How to catch a mouse in a humane way

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Mouse trap

I had a little friend visit my apartment the other week, and for a while there I was ready to make peace with him and co-exist. But after I cleaned up the place and ordered pizza one night, and it crawled up the side of my chair onto the sleeve of my shirt, I knew it was time to bid farewell.

Link: How to catch a mouse

1st 2006f March, 2006

Snow light – iglo for a candle

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Snow candle
Entertaining children in the snow is my favorite waste of time! There’s just so much you can do with them and building a snow light if one of those things. Build it during the day and lit it as soon as it get dark.

In this how-to Chris will take you through the collecting of the neccessary items (candle, paper and snow) and the assembly of the product step-by-step (e.g. make the snow balls)

Link: How to build a snow light

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