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TicTac flashlight

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TicTac flashlight
A disposable torch with long life (I hope I don’t invent the wheel once more) I bought ‘tic-tac’ mint candy and found out that this package must be ideal for 3 AAA batteries to make a small torch (or lamp) with.
Yes the batteries fitted perfect – I soldered them in series and used a small micro switch from an old circuit-board together with an ultra bright white LED (25.000 mcd – 3,8 volt and 20 mA – 35 degrees) and a serial resistor of 27 ohm (to make it 3,8 Volt).

I drilled a 5 mm hole for the LED and a 3 mm for the micro switch. Then I glued all together – and now I have a nice, small, very bright torch – I think the batteries will last longer than ‘best before date’.

Hälsningar från P.O. i Malmö

TicTac flashlight TicTac flashlight

On popular demand, here are the schematics.
BATT 1-3 are the batteries. Three AAA 1.5v.
RESISTOR is a 27Ω Resistor.
SWITCH is a …switch.
LED1 is the high power led. This is the only component that might need some explaining. When mounting the LED then make sure that the short leg is connected to – on the battery. If you connect it the other way around then it won’t work. If you already chopped off the legs on the LED then you can look for a phased edge on the bottom of the plastic of the LED. That also marks -.

176 Responses to “TicTac flashlight”

  1. wdk Says:

    Does it have to be Orange flavored tic-tac’s or will any flavor work?

  2. Chris J. Says:

    Hmm. The story doesn’t tell.
    I must admit – I don’t know. Really!

  3. P.O. Says:

    I like the Orange flavored best (I have to emty a box before the project start) – I don’t think there is a difference in the light in any sort – but I have not tested ! (Yet)

  4. Eric Says:

    Do you have a schematic? I’m not an electronics guy :(

  5. Jim Says:

    Where do you soldered the stuff?

  6. Dominik Says:

    Isn’t it dangerous to solder on batteries?

  7. P.O. Says:

    It’s no problem to solder on the batteries (but welding is !) Be careful when soldering the LED so you don’t heat it too much (max 5 sec). I will complete with a schematic too – for ‘the none electric guy’

  8. Alfredo Says:

    If you turn it on and keep it on, how long will it stay on until the batteries die? (Nice project!)

  9. P.O. Says:

    In my construction you must keep the switch pressed for light. If you keep it pressed, it will light for 2-3 weeks
    (but you have to sleep – releases the switch and the time will be much longer)

  10. tony Says:

    Pretty cool and I see where this can be useful around the house.
    Where can one read the schematic?

  11. Steve Says:

    Very cool. p.s It’s ‘fit’ not ‘fitted’ (Yes the batteries fitted perfect)


  12. Efren Says:

    Im interested also in the schematics, because I can’t get a whole picture of how to build it. How can I know when you have it?

    Great project! very useful too!

  13. Rob Says:

    Not to be too pedantic, but that would be “the batteries fit perfectly“. Nice project. Now, find something cool to do with altoids tins…

  14. raptorGT Says:

    Other applications include using a small switch like the one above, but instead toggles the circuit on and off. With that in place, you can use a flashing infrared LED, attach some *ahem* “hook-and-loop” fastener, stick it on your team mates and watch your entire paintball squad via nightvision. That blinking hedge is actually your recon expert! 😀

  15. Frank Says:

    hey steve… it’s not a semicolon, you asshole.. who cares if the english isn’t perfect. and hey rob… did you read the rest of the comments before you decided to bring it up again. You guys are morons.

  16. Steve Says:

    Ha! Yeah I noticed the typo after I submitted, but I didn’t see a way to edit the post after it was submitted.

  17. Colin Says:

    Can I also have the schematic, This look like a real fun project.
    If you wouls email them or Post them here on the site ( the schematic that is )


  18. web design london Says:

    Very innovative. Keep it up!

  19. Says:

    Want a schematic? Visit and use that one. The only difference is that he has included a switch in between the batteries and the resistor.

  20. Michael Says:

    I’d love to find a way to hardwire the wires inside the case and hings the bottom so that when the batteries wear out you can just replace them, like with a normal flashlight. Can anyone suggest how to do this?

  21. Dominique Says:

    schematics??? for this? It’s already explained in the project description. You truly are idiots. Just connect everything in series battery-battery-battery-resistor-switch-diode and loop the diode back to the battery. I also added a type so you could have trumendous fun.

  22. Chris J. Says:

    Ok ok ok! I’ve added the schematics just below the article.
    I know some (most?) of you think the circuit doesn’t need any explaining, but people asked – and I delivered.
    Everyone happy?

  23. CuriousGeorge Says:

    Wondering if it’s possible and maybe more practical to use a 9v battery and then you don’t have to solder in so many batteries. See with the 9v battery it’s easy to find one of those connectors to hook up and with extra juice it might last pretty long.

    Not even sure if it fits, but I thought I’d throw it out there for someone who might know if it would work (if it fits) then add a larger resistor. Workable or not?

  24. Bakr Says:

    hahahahahha some of thes ecomments are hilarious XD

  25. Tina Says:

    If you need a schematic for a flashlight you don’t need to be playing with batteries and solder.

    Good grief, where do you people come from. Buy a flashlight at the store if you’re that ignorant. Seriously.

  26. DynamiteD Says:

    BRILLIANT IDEA. I laughed at it.. but only at its smartness.

    I`ll make one myself… i`d only make switch which remains on… personal preference.

    Or why not… a flashing LED and leave it in the box…. flashing orange light as a warning beacon…

    The world of DIY. This is surely my favorite this month.

  27. John Says:

    I want mine to be orange flavored!

  28. George Says:

    Do you have a map to the store Tina?

  29. ConceptJunkie Says:


    I’ve built several similar lights for my kids, so I think it’s cool to see this project. However, a bigger resistor means you’ll just waste that much more power. If you use a higher voltage battery, just add more LED’s.


    You know, people have to start somewhere and this is the perfect beginner electronic project. People are born ignorant… don’t deny them the chance to learn just because you have an attitude.

    Chris J:

    You should publish mods to the project: Blinking lights, two LEDs that alternate (I used red and blue, and added a knob for the speed), or momentary switch to turn on and auto off after a minute. These are all quite easy and only require a couple of extra components that would probably fit in the Tic-tac case. Do they still make Dynamints? I recall those boxes being a little bigger… :-)

  30. Neal Says:

    Where can I obtain those small micro switches? I have been looking at various stores and haven’t been able to find it…

  31. Brian Says:

    9v is too much juice and if you use a large enough resistor it would make a better hand warmer than flashlight.

  32. Brian Says:

    haha. I laughed, I cried, I decided to hide the soldering iron.

  33. Says:


    Forget the haters on this.. If nothing else this is a great “geek” project & I really liked it. To everyone who got upset about people asking for the schematics — you have to realize that everyone starts somewhere. Calling them idiots only makes you out as an ass.

  34. Chris J. Says:

    i-hacked: As DiCaprio said as a doctor to another doctor in Catch me if you can – I concur.
    A good DIY is not one that takes a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on, but one that is simple and new thinking.
    P.O. – Great project!!
    And for everyone that has more questions – shoot! If you never ask – how will you then learn?

  35. Lucas Says:

    Neat little DIY project!

  36. dwx Says:

    Neat! I thought about doing this when I was much younger, somehow I just forgot about it. This project is a lot more polished. :)

  37. Mike Says:

    I’ve always wanted a flavored flashlight!

  38. Gabor Says:

    Hey, I’ve finished my project, before you published this.
    I’ve used the same orange TicTac, but for my motorised bike. I made a single unit with 4 LEDs, inside the case…

  39. Andy Says:

    To the guy who questioned the need for schematics. This is the ideal project for my 13 year old son who has expressed an interest in basic electronics. Better than buying a do-it-buy-numbers kit for $30 at Radio Shack.
    More projects like this would be wonderful for him. Any pointers on the Web to that have projects this simple?
    As long as he brushes his teeth the Tic Tacs will be an added incentive as well.


  40. Robert Says:

    Suddenly I have a need to buy tic tacs.

  41. Dennis Gentry Says:

    Use rechargeable AAAs at ~1.2v each and skip the resistor. I used some generic Chinese Ni-Mh ones from Fry’s. That way when my toddler leaves it on, we just recharge the batteries.

  42. P.O. Says:

    Nice bike Gabor (lot of LED:s) – at last I get the answer who invented the wheel first :-)

  43. Jangleton Says:

    I don’t know if a 9 volt battery will fit or not, but maybe the use of a capacitor before the resistor would make it possible without using a bigger resistor. Keep in mind that a 9 volt battery is not known for its longevity anyway.

  44. P.O. Says:

    No ! A 9 volt battery vill NOT fit in TicTac case, and what Brian said earlier in this thread “it would make a better hand warmer than flashlight.” What I know is a capacitor the best way to stop DC-current, it will let AC-current to pass – I think this idea will make a ‘newer lightning lamp’ (easier to connect the LED the wrong way – if you don’t want it to light up)

  45. Sam Says:

    Nice project.
    Do not skip the resistor. It limits the current and most normal LEDs will be destroyed without it.

  46. rekka Says:

    heh, this electronics project seems to be at my sort of level. 😉 Nice one anyways.

  47. bopboo Says:

    yo, this is quaint, but a truly unique and simple hack would use a single LED, and a set of batteries, and maybe a paperclip. nix the resistor.

  48. Brandon Says:

    Any components could be purchased online at Digikey ( Probably overkill, but it will have EVERYTHING you need for this project. Except the tic-tacs :)

  49. Says:

    I’m going to make one of these tonight!

  50. Rob Says:

    When i build this, i’m gonna make it so that opening the lid closes the switch and turns on the LED

  51. dee wayne Says:

    Wow, in a dark room you could have fresher breath AND brighter teeth with this gizmo!

  52. Mike Says:

    Oh, is it “fit”? Ok. I had a fitted, last night, when I made it. It did not work. I guess that the batteries were not charged up. I should have checked that first. But I can’t get them out of the container as I glued them in. Not my day.

  53. Bob Marley Says:

    Ya’ll some dumb shit man. Pretty sweet though.

  54. Jake Says:

    i lost my tic tacs. so i made it with out the box. it doesnt look as cool.

  55. Dominik Says:

    wow, i’m very proud. i finished my tiatac-torch yesterday. eveythings fine, at least my switch is not that handy. no prob. the next ttt (tic tac torch) is in production.
    thanks for your uber post!

  56. me Says:

    very nice. i want tic tacs now

  57. NOOKIE Says:

    You lengend. u just made my science project soo easy. got 47/50. Bloody Legend. please reply

  58. Ivan Says:

    Hehe, good one :)

  59. Tino Says:

    Tina has PMS.

  60. Rory Says:

    Cool idea i like it

  61. Tree Says:

    these things would sell like hotcakes at markets!!!!!

  62. DJ Vollkasko Says:

    Hmh, I wonder how this might work with several LEDs inside a white TicTac box… And exchangable cells… Any suggestions?

    Background is my interest in small boats, esp. folding boats. After sunset, small craft have to show a white light in at least 1 meter height above water level, to all directions… Perhaps an useful application for this hack?

  63. Ashley Says:

    @NOOKIE – are you in year 5 or sumats? cos i did this sort of stuff then! LOL

    good1 tho!


  64. WALT Says:

    I must be an idiot. you are using 3 AAA batteries at 1.5v each for 4.5 v total and a 27ohm resistor this puts the voltage at 170mA right? What is that bulb rated at? all the bulbs i can find are 20mA – 40mA. seems like you’d cook this — shouldnt this be a 225 ohm? somebody help me out on this…btw i bought tictacs for the first time in 10 years just to do this project (i have the paklight from and love it…this would be cheaper for my kids.

  65. ajake Says:

    walt: You forgot threshold voltage for led.
    (4.5V-3.8V)/27ohm=26mA which is near enough.

  66. P.O. Says:

    I don’t think you are an idiot, but I don’n know where you get the 170 mA from. I have done it in this way.
    3 AAA batteries is 4,5 Volt, the LED has a max of 4,0 volt and will have 20 mA (you find it in the project description)
    I will get rid of 0,6 volt (to be on the safe side) Formula is U=R*I (0,6/0.020) will give me 30 ohm,
    I then used the nearest standard resistor: 27 ohm – and I get rid of 0.54 volt, and the LED get 3,96 volt – shining bright and nice !

  67. zephaniah Says:

    hm… how about if you only use 2 aaa batteries instead of 3 (since if im not mistaken youll only be reducing the longevity of the batteries) and then youd have a aaa batter sized compartment for say tic tacs? 😀 stuck in the dark in the middle of nowhere with some foul ass breath? problem solved! oh and as for the altoids tin… it may not be an electrical engineering project but a pack of zig zags fits perfectly inside the sour gums tin (the rectangle ones) with plenty of room for other ‘stuff’ (whatever you choose it to be is your call).

  68. P.O. Says:

    To zephaniah – How do you reach 3,96 volt with 2 AAA cells at 1,5 volt ?- I am open for a solution ? My intention was to have light in the LED !

  69. WALT Says:

    I came up with the 170mA by dividing the 4.5 volts that the batteries produce by the 27 ohm resistor which gives .17 (after rounding) Amps which is 170mA.
    Obviously I didn’t understand how to figure resistance. I see now that you divide the DESIRED voltage drop by the Amps and not the total voltage by the Amps.
    See, I learned something today…Maybe I “don’t need to be playing with batteries and solder.” LOL
    Im just learning stuff like this, its a good diversion from my job of getting titles made for RV customers.
    thank you both for your explanations

  70. buccia Says:

    salve sono un italiano per caso arrivato in questo sito complimenti per la torcia tic tac sono di roma

  71. P.O. Says:

    Translation from Bablefish (italian to english): they are an Italian for case arrived in this situated one compliments for the torch tic tac are of Rome

  72. Curt Says:

    I just got back from Walmart and picked up a three bulb, 2 white and 1 red LED headlamp for 9 bucks. It takes 3 triple A’s as well. I wanted to do this project but found the cost of materials was higher then this prepackaged device.

  73. Alan Says:

    What’s a tic-tac?

  74. Jim Says:

    Can someone give me a site where I can buy I 27 ohm Resistor?? My radioShack doesn’t have any.

  75. james Says:

    The correct resister value for 20ma with a 4.5 volts to the LED is anything from 220 – 270 ohms not 27 ohms.
    The voltage is not so much the issue at this low voltage, it is the current allowed which is limited by the resister. Smaller resister, more current, more brightness up to the limit of what the LED can tolerate. BTW the formula for the resister value in ohms is circuit/battery voltage divided by current in amps, thus 4.5/.02 = 225 ohms

  76. tom Says:

    I can’t solder on the batteries.

  77. Jahan Says:

    Cool project,

    I was thinking about brightter LEDs. I’ve seen some that take 700mA (1-3w 3-4.8v), super high flux.

    I’ve got heavy durt AAAs at 900mAh each, with 1.2v.
    My question is, would three triple As, be been enough for these LEDs?
    Tell me I wouldn’t need a resister either…

  78. tom Says:

    How do I solder on batteries???

  79. P.O. Says:

    james #75 – thats wrong, look at #65 and #66 it’s explained there !

  80. Royce Says:

    When Bumsie sees it through your tight jeans and asks for a light, now you can say “Yeah!”

  81. yosoyelgerman Says:

  82. Dan Says:

    He, what a way to copy an idea!! cold have been more original…the link above is what a friend made with a smint pakage, months ago
    and it kicks way more ass than your gay tictac light…besides having a light, it has a Frigign LASER!!!
    Coudl even imporve the idea, you downgraded it…be ashamed

  83. P.O. Says:

    #81 yosoyelgerman – Sorry but this ‘blurred’ (censored ?) pictures don’t say anything to me – what was the intention to publish this link ?

  84. P.O. Says:

    Jahan #77 – I think it’s a bad idea to use small AAA for your project, the internal resistans in those AAA is to high – your LED need 700 mA and your AAA is only 1200 mA – you don´t need a resistor (if you will try) – but I don’t think you get any (satisfying) light from that (big) LED with this tiny batteries.

  85. P.O. Says:

    #82 Dan – Please use an english language that we ‘none english’ understand !

  86. Chris J. Says:

    yosoyelgerman: Nice project. But next time you do something like this you might want to read up on the macro function of you camera so that the pictures don’t get out of focus.

    Dan: What a grown up man you are…
    Or maybe that’s just the thing? That you’re not old enough to be able to express yourself?
    And frankly – I think that the TicTac box is more unique in all its simplicity.

  87. yosoyelgerman Says:

    Chris J. Says: nevermind… this tictac sucks cos it’s just a copy, rip off…. AGUANTE URUGUAY, GILES. Aguante el BELDENT MINT LASER LED ULTRA GETHO .

  88. P.O. Says:

    to #87 yosoyelgerman – As I started with: (I hope I don’t invent the wheel once more) I did a lot of ‘Google search’ before publishing – no hit. I promise you: this is not a copy from you – but I think we think the same way (we both need light in an easy way) :-)

  89. Davidov Says:

    First I took resistor 40 ohms ((4.5-3.7)/0.02 =40 ) because shop man told me that LED is 3.7 V. I think that is not so essential.
    But I had problem with glue: superglue can’t glue to tictac box. My switch was horizontal and have four pins in the bottom. So I made four tiny holes and bended pins inside the box.
    Maybe I’l try to use some other glue.
    P.S. Sorry for my english. My native language is russian.

  90. P.O. Says:

    Hello Davidov #89 – I don’t think the resistor for the function is important – but what light you get from the LED depends on the resistans of your resistor.

    Try to use glue from an “heat glue gun” – I used that – as an experimental guy – you must own one already ! – It’s OK with your english (I have the same problem – Swedish)

  91. Kath_123 Says:

    Does it have to be a tic-tac box?

  92. P.O. Says:

    Yes, if you intent do build a TiTac-lamp, no if you build something else :-)

  93. gustavo Says:

    I’ve read some questions about how to build a lamp with more LEDs, but I’ve found no answer…

    So, again: what changes must be made to make it works with more LEDs? I’m not very acquainted with eletronics, but I also would like to know how to calculate the correct values of resistor based on LED specifications and quantity. And also limitations based on energy supply.

    Or maybe just a link where I can learn it by myself…

    Thank you so much.

  94. P.O. Says:

    Try this link: or come back her and try a question again (there is always any who has the solution)

  95. gustavo Says:

    P.O., thanks a lot!

    And I have another question: if I use rechargeable NiMH batteries, which are 1.2V, do I have to calculate it differently?

    And just a curiosity: if the batteries are 1200 mAH, does it mean – ideally – that a 20mA LED will illuminate for 60 hours?

    And another one, less important: the resistor value just change the luminosity, or it also changes the batteries consumption?

    Wow! Sorry about all these…

  96. Lucas Says:

    Mine didn´t work… can anybody tell me if it was because the box was one of the green ones?

  97. DED Says:

    Thanks! Cool device!

  98. Amir Says:

    hi, i was wondering where i can get my hand on that little switch you used, is there anyone like that on ELFA in Sweaden?

  99. MagBxl Says:

    > a 20mA LED will illuminate for 60 hours?
    Yes….*ideally*. But remember that NiMh batteries lose their power with time, even when not used. It is why it is a bad idea to use them for any kind of “emergency flashlight” because the day you will *really* need it, it will fail to help you :-(

  100. PJ Says:

    Responding to Rob, who requested a project with an Altoid tin.

    Altoid USB Charger

  101. P.O. Says:

    “Altoid USB charger” is ‘buy’ – not ‘homemade’ – I don’t think GRYNX is the place for that item ! (And 4 Volt dissapear in heat? … or?) – take care of your battery Perhaps try that tin instead, if you think TicTac is too strong :-)

  102. Wooter Says:

    The Altoids thing is homemade, you just buy the parts from him instead of on your own and you get the instructions with them.

  103. P.O. Says:

    Yes “Wooter” – I agree, but you must buy the parts from him, to get the instructions how it’s made (what about if you have all parts at home already (no chance to check), you have to buy all components new from Altoids – to get “how to build”)

    I don’t think this is GRYNXS-like (and not ‘homemade’ – SORRY – I dislike this “Altoid USB charger”) –

  104. NOOKIE Says:

    to the creator/publisher
    Year nine
    i actually made a thin plastic tube neck and made concave mirror reflecters
    to direct the light in one direction.
    we are learning about reflection refraction and light waves.
    if you want to see pics send us an email
    i didn’t use a RESISTOR just a stronger LED light. it works
    better than my dads LED torch

  105. Dteyn Says:

    Very cool mod.. just finished making one of these myself. Instead of three AAA’s, I used a lithium coin cell (CR2016, 3v 90mA) without a resistor.. the LED shines quite brightly, though not as bright as the 4.5v version which uses a 20ohm resistor.

    Also, it’s a lot more lightweight, and it has ample room for tic tacs. :)

    Next up.. ultraviolet version. 😀

  106. P.O. Says:

    Exactly what I wantet, try other solutions and ideas – my intention was to get all yoy out there thinking of another (or new) step – and Dteyn did :-)

    Nice you have room for TicTacs (eat and light ?)!

  107. fender Says:

    cudujem sa ze sa o takej hovadine dokazete tak dlho bavit

  108. Alex Says:

    Hey I made the torch with a plastic tubing neck and cut out the resistor so it’s much brighter. If you want to see it send us an email and have look I’ll send you a couple of pics, no prob.

    Thanks , Alex

  109. Chris J. Says:

    Barry has put up a page with some nice pictures of his implementation

  110. P.O. Says:

    Nice work Barry, I think you like the oranged flavored too, so much that you used a ‘big pack’ :-)

  111. pasteler0 Says:

    this is a small project worth trying!! =)

  112. first.time.solderer Says:

    @Chris J.: Thanks for this little project! I just went out to Radioshack, got all my parts, and spent an hour making this little gem. For those interested in how I made mine:

    -3x AAA 1.5v batteries
    -ziptie thingers
    -about 20 cm of wiring
    -5mm white led (3.6v, 20mA, 1100mcd)
    -SPDT submini slide switch
    -47-ohm, .5 watt, 5% tolerance (yellow, violet, black, gold) resistor
    -TicTac Big Pack (I couldn’t find the small kind, plus the ziptie fits in the bigger one)
    -5-piece basic soldering kit (I’m a newbie at this so I bought the cheapest 30 watt kit from RadioShack)

    I spent an hour and 20 minutes total, an hour figuring out how to hold my pieces together and using another finger to hold the solder without soldering my fingers..

    My final product:


  113. first.time.solderer Says:

    I forgot to mention that I spent a total of 16 dollars on this project. The LED cost about 5 and the soldering kit was about 8. Those were the two most expensive items. =o

  114. joseph Says:

    a very inexpensive project cost me about £5 because i borrowed a soldering iron from school =)
    however it’s a nightmare to change the batteries:) :)

    joseph aka volvagia

  115. first.time.solderer Says:

    @joseph: Yep, that was my cost as well (minus the soldering kit) – I like Barry’s Big Pack version, the battery holder is genius.

  116. dieleere Says:

    i’m buying stock in whoever makes tic-tacs:)

  117. Burgerking Says:

    This is pure brilliance… I will make one as soon as i find the parts… a vist to radioshack may be required… i don’t think i have any LED’s…

  118. gustavo Says:

    Hi! Just a tip: I live in Brazil and I didn’t find ultra-bright LEDs in local stores. But I found a german site which sells LEDs:

    They send the package by mail and I think the final price (including shipping) is low if you buy a lot of LEDs. There are white 24.000 mcd, ultraviolet (nice for black-light parties and scorpion hunting) and infra-red (nice for Night Shot from Sony video and photo devices).

  119. poops Says:

    i like tic tacs

  120. Adam Says:

    I am the most electrically inept person I know.
    My son, who is 7, found this and asked me to help him make this.
    And it worked!!! I am more amazed than him!

    We are going to use it as a craft for our Cub Scout group this weekend!


  121. Stevieb Says:

    Anyone know if an aaa will fit into a pack of polos?

  122. mike Says:

    It is possible to make stuff from altoids tins, i myself have done, you can fit 2 9 volt batteries in them and probably fit 6 bulbs on the tin, those who wish to do more with the tic-tac might try using 3-volt lithium batteries which are about as big as a quarter.

  123. olaf Says:

    ur cool and so is the whole light idea my friend and i will try to make a infrared light.

  124. Adurus Says:

    ok. Why doesn’t someone just go all out like I do and program a PIC controller as an oscillator, which will improve battery life, solve the resistor problem, and open up more possibilities.
    It’s also not that difficult to create several programs in the PIC, such as steady on, flashing slow, strobe, or alternating between two LED’s if you wanted.
    Now I understand this may be a little advanced for some of you, but I’m sure there are some who understand what I’m talking about.
    I also don’t know if you’d still be able to fit it into an ex-TICTAC container, but that’s hardly a concern when you have a cool homebrewed flashing light.

    I’ve done it, and just thought it would be a suggestion for somebody else to try.

  125. ridzaq Says:

    hey i live in malaysia and its realyrealy hard to find electronic store can anybody suggest a website that have low shiping price.
    And i am 16 so i dont have credit cards.How can i order this stuff.

  126. ilovesouthpark Says:


  127. yayayay!!!!! Says:

    Finshed it, but I put it in an Altoid sours round container. Its awesome! Thanks a ton for the idea! Super easy! I’m a newbie solderer and I still did it, awesome.

  128. cool Says:

    Sweet, that’s very easy to do! I only don’t know where to get a resistor though. Yea i am 16, i have no local electronics store.

  129. Bluepuma Says:

    My Granddaughter sent me here to see the tic tac flash light. I am impressed, someone used his head and talents for something positive. I can remember when we used a burning stick, and look at us now. Good Idea and a fun thing to do not to mention educational. So far over 100 people have looked and responded to the idea. Some have even improved on the light.

  130. clunette Says:

    We have made 8 tictaclights on the birthdayparty of my daughter. All the children stayed
    for the night and where amazed about the light. Great fun (no sleep) and satisfaction.
    It’s very cool and very handy. We used the light while camping and I us it in my bag.
    No more lost items in my bag.

  131. James Says:

    If you have trouble soldering the batteries as so many have said, try roughing them up with some sand paper or as this is a disposable item anyway, you could just glue the wire to the batteries with superglue

  132. sa_summer Says:

    used it for a school profect where we had to make a torch out of recycable materials!was very confusing..but i got help from my dad an my teacher was very impressed 😀

  133. sa_summer Says:

    used it for a school project where we had to make a torch out of recycable materials!was very confusing..but i got help from my dad an my teacher was very impressed 😀

  134. Brian Says:

    You should try to design a light using a plastic tampon aplicator

  135. Rakkasan Says:

    I am trying to surf for a solution to a project problem I have, and it sounds as though you may have the knowledge to help me out. I am trying to make an led light system for a special purpose, and can’t get info on what I need to build it. Could you give me a hand? Thanks!

  136. Chris Says:

    This tic-tac light uses a shake-to-charge system, instead of normal batteries.
    You need some small recharagable battery…one good battery is in those small Zip-Zap RC cars.
    You can also get a lot of the supplies at at a great price.

  137. oke Says:

    this is awesome one day i should make one of these but now i am trying to do a flashlight out of a plastic bottle and i have to really think.

  138. purchase tramadol Says:

    Finshed it, but I put it in an Altoid sours round container. Its awesome! Thanks a ton for the idea! Super easy! I’m a newbie solderer and I still did it, awesome.

  139. airjordan Says:

    used it for a school project where we had to make a torch out of recycable materials!was very confusing..but i got help from my dad an my teacher was very impressed

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  141. cattapuss Says:

    i used this for a school project i thought it was really cool now my dad is making more of them for my brother and sister. thnx for the idea. 😀

  142. Louise Says:

    How big does the tick tack box have to be?
    would any size work?

  143. Donny Hall Says:

    Sweet, that’s very easy to do! I only don’t know where to get a resistor though. Yea i am 16, i have no local electronics store.

  144. malcom Says:

    nice idea!
    i used a new strong led.
    White box rockz ! led is from
    5mm white 20cd
    thnx for pics.

  145. mike Says:

    what do you mean by wire the batteries in a series were do you put the soder at and do you use wire at all??

  146. 租車 Says:

    How big does the tick tack box have to be?


  147. Air Jordans Says:

    This is a really good article it was helpful for me. Thanks for posting it and if you have any updates I hope I read them. :)

    – Mark R.

  148. bapes Says:

    Interesting, but kind of useless because you can buy a flashlight at some cheap store for like 89cents

  149. Erin Says:

    Can I also have the schematic? It’s just what i’m looking for for a school project. Thanks!

  150. evden eve nakliyat Says:

    Nice project. Now, find something cool to do with altoids tins…

  151. Sales Dept. Says:

    Nice project.

  152. Bape Hoodies Says:

    I wish I had those mad skills.

  153. orde soma Says:

    If you want to see it send us an email and have look I’ll send you a couple of pics, no prob.

  154. Jay Says:

    Very innovative and unique idea! This is a really cool looking flashlight! Does it comes in all flavors! :-)


  155. nikecitycn Says:

    We supply brand shoes

  156. Tick Tac Says:

    GR8 Idea… Very unique, however due to my calculations:

    1000 MAH (standard AAA Battery) / 20 mah = 50 hours which is a little more than two days… not 2 – 3 weeks as you said…

    I prefer mint 😀

  157. Nike SB Says:

    I want one!…. Maybe I should start building one now… i did take some electric classes back in HS

  158. free rpg game Says:

    me like so good long time sale, china

  159. Pete Says:

    Like everyone I was impressed with both the simplicity & ingenuity great project.
    When I went to buy an LED similar to the one you specify I was surprised to find a multiplicity of 3 & 5 mm diameter white “ultra-brights”, nearly all with 20mA current ratings & fwdDCV in the range 3.2 to 3.8. But more surprising angles varied from 15 to 35 dgrees & mcd from 5,000 to 16,000. I could not locate a 25,000 mcd unit. This sort of spoiled my intended fun. Maybe worth mentioning alternative LED’s & possible sources.

  160. Fo Sho B===D ~ Says:

    where can you get that button thing for the light
    because i need to make one before jan 8 because i have to turn it in so helpppppp!!!!
    and hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. James Says:

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  162. 泰拳 Says:

    used it for a school profect where we had to make a torch out of recycable materials!was very confusing..but i got help from my dad an my teacher was very impressed 😀


  163. bob Says:

    hey can you go through tthe steps because im just a kid i cant do this without steps

  164. inÅŸaat Says:

    thanks for this

  165. Ben Says:

    hey can you please send step by step instructions to me.

  166. eden Says:

    very very cool! this is really great!
    i’ve tried it and wow!
    it’s not just useful…it’s fashionable also..hahaha

  167. bryan Says:

    if i wanted to add another LED, would i hook it up in series or parallel? and would i have to change the resistance?

  168. Tiesncuffs Says:

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

  169. dude Says:

    do i really need the 27ohm resistor?

  170. Peace Says:

    Can u make a video to guide it through

  171. hailey Says:

    could you please explain the directions step by step:)

  172. tom Says:

    why is there so many posts here?

  173. pablo Says:

    you need to explain

  174. Romulo Says:

    hey chris j you give me a good idea for our projectt thanks but the funny is you dont know how to do it haha lol but thanks

  175. Anonymous Says:

    How do you get the batteries in? do you slide them in through the opening? Also, (sorry) where should I get all the electrothingy-ma-bobs?

  176. How to make a TicTac flashlight - Tech Lovers Says:

    […] Full story on GRYNX. […]

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