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Building an outdoor mist cooling system

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Building an outdoor cooling system using things in your home.


An alternative to an professional misting system


Cool your garden 6テつーc (13テつーf) in 30 minutes

Table of contents

1. Scenario

2. About misting systems

3. Let’s get started

4. Testing

5. End result

Scenario: It’s Sunday and you’ve been blessed with another heat wave just in time for your family BBQ. It’s 34テつーc (93テつーf) in the shadow, and sure it could be warmer but it’s unbearable as it is.. Now, you have a couple of alternatives available, namely:

  1. Send the family inside and leave yourself by your duties. You can probably manage if you have enough water available…
  2. Sit the family under the big parasol and also give them a lot to drink. Everyone except for grandma will be able to cope. Sorry grandma…
  3. Raid your garage and the cleaning closet and build your own garden fan mist system. Hey that sounds interesting… Let’s do it!

The theory behind this is not something new. Not at all. Especially not to people in the desert states in the US, as it’s quiet common there. You can buy professional misting systems from $70 (for a fan) up to several thousands of dollars for your whole patio. But we don’t have that luxury right now! The food needs to be on the table in an hour and waiting a week for that package to arrive is not an option. 

The theory behind this system is as simple as genius. You send water trough a nozzle and the nozzle will create a fine spray, or a mist, and when the water hits the air then the water drops will evaporate. When water evaporates it needs energy for the transformation and it will in the process cool itself a couple of degrees.
In a professional misting cooling system you will find three different categories. Low, medium and high pressure. Why is this? Well, the faster the water will exit the nozzle the finer the water droplets will be. And the finer they are the faster they will evaporate. Another advantage of having higher pressure is of course also that you will push trough more water through the nozzles and the more water the cooler it gets. Well, we’re not going to to start having pumps and stuff even though that would be cool, but only use the water pressure that we have in the tap – so therefore we are building a low pressure system. But as you will see this will be enough.

Okay, let’s get started. We need to find a fan, preferably a floor standing one, a 3/4" garden tap ring, an bottle of cleaning detergent with a spray nozzle (tell your wife not to worry if it’s not empty because you can reuse this for the bottle in the end of the day). The spray head of the bottle must be with normal threads and not one of those snap locks. You will also need a fine saw, like a metal saw, or you can also use a sharp knife.

Remove the spray head from the bottle and take off the attached tube. The tube can usually just be pulled out with hand force. Save the tube for future use as you might want to reassemble the bottle in the end of the day.

Now take the 3/4" garden tap adapter and screw it in to the spray nozzle. Don’t use any force, but make sure it goes straight in. As you will see now the outer part of the spray head (orange) will cover the bottom ring of the adapter (grey) and this means that it won’t be able to snap into place. Make a mark on the outer part of the the spray head ring where the tap adapter levels. This is usually 2-3 mm.

Saw off the top part so that the outer ring becomes 2-3 mm shorter. Make sure that you don’t take too much, as we depend on the inner threads to hold the tap adapter later on. Take a knife or something to clean off the leftover grains of the ring. It’s always nicer to have a good looking end result, even though it doesn’t make a difference performance wise.

When screwing the tap adapter into place you need to remember that the threads on the spray head and the tap adapter are not the same. It will still work, but you just can’t use a lot of force when doing this. If you do use to much force then the threads will snap and you’ll have a problem. If this happens then take some two component glue and put this into the threads before screwing it in. Then after 15-20 minutes you’ll be able to tighten it a bit harder. You can of course also use regular silicon but then you’ll have to wait until the next day before you can use it. I was lucky when I did this as I managed to tighten the adapter hard enough on my first try.

Beta testing. I got this result by first mounting the spray head to my garden hose and then using two wires to attach it to the fan. The fan is spinning even though it doesn’t show on the picture. You can see that the fine spray of water gets airborne very nicely by the fan.

And here is the end result.

When testing this setup it was 34テつーc (93テつーf) under the parasol without any cooling, and after turning the fan and spray on it was 27テつーc (80テつーf) two meters away. At three meters (other side of the table) it was 28テつーc (82テつーf). That’s 7テつーc (13テつーf) lower then the surroundings with only thirty minutes of work!!. (The humidity was around 45% when I tested this..)

If you build this and you notice that everyone sitting in the air stream are crying then that is probably not the case (well what do I know??). It’s probably one of two (or both) reasons for the spray not evaporating. One is temperature. If the temperature is too low, like around 25テつーc (77テつーf) then it will simply not work. The reason for this is that the relative humidity in those temperatures are too high, often like 60-70%. And that is also the second reason why it might not work. If you have like 34テつーc (93テつーf) and you live in a tropical zone then the humidity might still be 60-80% and then the spray can’t evaporate. I’ve read that the optimal humidity for a misting system is 30-40%, and that you usually only get in desert climates. But 45% as I had when trying this out is quiet common at these temperatures.  

Anyway, this was a great success at the barbeque and it’s amazing how simple it was in the end.

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60 Responses to “Building an outdoor mist cooling system”

  1. MAKE: Blog Says:

    HOW TO build an outdoor mist cooling system

    Summer time is here in the northern hemisphere and with it comes the heat waves. Cooling indoors is of course not something new, but how about cooling down your sitting area outside? In this article we will show you how you can make use of some ordina…

  2. Quantum Says:

    I like the idea but it can be easily improved. The weak link in the system is the nozzle creating the spray. A normal sprinkler attachment for the hose could create a fine spray (depending on setting). Using a properfitting would allow a higher pressure to be used and finer spray created.

    A circuit breaker for the fan is essential just incase the water and electricity mix.

  3. Cafe Oregano Says:

    homemade misting fan

    For the benefit of Gabsmash, I present to you the homemade outdoor mister. I must come up with a better design….

  4. James Says:


  5. Pete Says:

    6 degrees C is 11 degrees F, not 13.

  6. fp Says:

    COOL, it’s a genius entry!

  7. Chad Says:

    To bad all us Floridans are still screwed :( To much humidity

  8. Dave Says:

    This is not something new. This cooling method has been perfected in southeast asia long ago. Go to any outdoor/garden cafe to see how it works.

  9. Gizmodo Says:

    BYO Outdoor Misting System

    With only a fan, a spray bottle, and a little love, you, too, can cool your mottled, puffy skin with a sweet mist. While, I’d fill my spray bottle with a little kerosene and create a beautiful light show for…

  10. momule Says:

    This idea of course is not a new one but as others have pointed out, as well as the author,
    it requires the ambiant humidity to be fairly low. So us folk in a large part of the US
    just can’t take advantage. By the way, if I’m not mistaken, many homes in the US Southwest
    are cooled exclusively by commercial grade “swamp coolers” that do exactly the same thing
    but on a grander scale.
    Also here in Missouri there is a company that makes a fan/mist unit that is used at street fairs
    and other public events to provide a cooling mist. It consists of a very large fan with a series
    of circular PVC tubes with yard type of sprinkler system nozzles attached around the ring and then
    to the downwind side of the fan grill; hook up a hose, turn on the fan and: instant cool mist. Only problem is, with our high humidity you get soaked in a short time as the water never really evaporates
    …but it sure feels good for a while !!!

  11. momule Says:

    according to the above website, 6 degrees celcius (which they also identify
    as being the same as centigrade), equals 42.8 degrees farenheit. What
    part of the puzzle am I missing here or is this conversion site just all wrong?
    Maybe Pete has an answer to this puzzle. I for one am drinking cold beer in
    an attempt to stay cool…..but I’m doing it in 72 degree F. air conditioning
    in my basement….which may explain part of my puzzlement. (too darn muggy
    and hot to go outside !!!!)

  12. momule Says:

    at the risk of being a pain in the butt to this conversation, a quick web
    search produced this URL:

  13. Francisco Says:

    In Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, it’s common to get an 20% humidity, this thing probably works here… hummmmmm… The stats now (acording to is Humidity: 34%
    Yeeeeepppp… This is dry, very, dry.

  14. Chris Says:

    Pete and momule: I’m not trying to convert C to F here, but simply taking the ambient temperature – the achieved temperature in respective scale. So measured at 3m, 34c – 28c = 6c gain – and 93f – 82f = 11f gain.
    And yes – I know that the F temperature in the title is 13f and that it should be 11f.
    Big deal 沽 It’s about the idea and that ‘there is a gain’.

  15. Chris Says:

    Dave: Of course it not something new. (Never claimed it was..) But what is new is the idea of screwing one of these together in 30 minutes with things in your home. And I like screwing things together 沽

  16. Daniel Says:

    Thanks Chris! Ive never seen it done with such simplicity. I feel sorry for the people who apparently didnt read very thoroughly, and missed the point entirely. Im a home engineer myself, and I admire what youve done here.

  17. Kim Says:

    good idea but we have god damn water restricgtions in australia. plus its winter right now

  18. Craig Says:

    Will work in high humidity up to 85% but will require high pressure (1000 psi). At such pressure the water is atomized so finely that it will evaporate before getting everyone wet. No cheap solutions for high pressure system. Also for interested, these systems use very little water.

  19. Dave the pedant Says:

    I’m not being funny but isn’t it a bit dangerous selotaping a gaden hose to an electric fan?

  20. Chris Says:

    Dave the pendant: Everything is relative

  21. Jack Says:

    Why not to use “Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fountain Fogger” with ventilator? (1000 ml / hour)

  22. Jo Says:

    why not get a stinking life you sad people

  23. Jo Says:

    and another thing you can just buy for like テつ」1.99 thats approx $4 ish an attatchment for your garden hose that is one of these amazing misting devises honestly who had this idea have you nothing better to do?

    p.s. sorry for being so abusive but i really do think that this is the crapest webpage that i have ever found its only purpose it serves is to show people that if you stick a hose, mr muscle bottle top and a fan together you can squirt water about with only one floor you look like a complete miser not willing to pay out a minimal amouont of money and a twat who dosent know where to put his indoor fan!

    anyway im sure youll all have fun making these so run along and do your constructive 30 minutes work

  24. Amie Says:

    Jo: Are you serious? Are you seriously criticizing this webpage? Are you that passionate about
    hating this idea that you had to be abusive about it? Did it offend you in some way? Nobody
    forced you to read this man’s idea. Sounds like YOU have nothing better to do, pal. I feel sorry
    for you because you are either just stupid, mean, or highly sensitive about misting devices. Either
    way, it’s a shame.

  25. adam johnson Says:

    I think this is a sweet idea! I live up in NS, canada, so I don’t know how well it would work, but i’ll try it anyway. and like, anybody who disses this, try, I dunno, getting a life?

  26. InTOMsticated Says:

    Enough nay-sayers!! Did they mock Edison? Bell? Ford?? Cy Landsbury?? (He lives down the street from me)
    Of course they did! And now look at them today, we still mock them. However, I’ve found that four martinis in that same thirty minute period allows me to achieve much the same result. And it makes me impervious
    to mosquitoes. Keep up the good work!

  27. Jo Says:

    hahaha lmao i think im highly sensitive about misting devices na but seriously this is a crap idea and no matter how much all you cheap misting enthusiasts stick together you are still all sad and very lonely and maie aka “pal” you really think i have nothing better to do than just search for crap like this and abuse it?….. well no actually on that day i was highly bored and stumbled upon this site so i decided to let you know how pathetic the idea is and how lame and cheap you all are, i obviously do have better things to do thats why im not the one strapping a hose to a fan in order to save a few bob!

  28. Jo Says:

    oh yeh i almost forgot to metion my good friend adam there whom said “anybody who disses this, try, I dunno, getting a life?”…..need i say anything else I HAVE FRIENDS!!! i have a life i go out with them and go chill on the beach and surf you know all the things that people making cheap garden appliences outa rubbish dont do so you my son are the one that needs to, i dunno, get a life! and why the question mark at the end of your sentence? there was no question!!! so learn your vocab then get a life then if you still want to make this crappy thing and then come back for some more abuse!

  29. Simon Says:

    Ever thought about, that that water might be better off absorbed by trees, who in turn give much shade and cooling themselves? Ever went into a forest in summer?
    Better plant some resourceful trees in/between the gardens than blast good water in the air.

  30. Jo Says:

    well come on is that all the fighting spirit out of you people? man you give up easilly

  31. Ivan Says:

    Jo, we could go on an on with this “fight” of yours. Obviously you have nothing better to do. I you did, you wouldn’t be coming back over and over to try to make some useless point. Why aren’t you on the beach surfing? Why do you keep on arguing? What’s the point? What do you get out of it? Where are your cool freinds at 1:52 on saturday that you’re here arguing? Sounds to me like you’re really lonely and need a lot of attention, but since you have zero social skills, the only way to get attention is to have meaningless fights with people ON THE INTERNET! Ha. You’re so sad. I just stubled on thie website, read the article above and found it pure genius. I’m sure you can buy a lot of things that do the same but the simplicity of Chris’ idea is what makes this so interesting! I’ll now go on reading about something else, and will probably never see you sad answer to my post, so don’t even bother. But I just couldn’t leave here before I posted this. I normally don’t reply to people like you but this time I just could not ignore you. You’re too funny.

    Go chill in the mall, where you can buy things that do not require you to use your atrophied brain. Why think and invent when you can buy something that works. Why didn’t the Wright brothers simply take the train? Why didn’t Ford breed horses? Why didn’t Bell yell?

    The reason we have lightbulbs, trains, airplanes, atomic energy, surfboards is because of people like Chris, who insted of buys things, MADE things.
    This is a website for MAKERS not BUYERS. You should go spend your time on some consumer reports website.

    I wonder how people will remember you some day. Jo who?
    Oh yea, he was a great man. He bough a lot of things during his days. What a contribution to humanity. He could solve any problem, as long as the solution was sold in a box at the mall with simple instructions.

    Good bye, Jo

  32. Ivan Says:

    Oh and Jo, since vocabulary and gramatics are so important to you, please accept my deepest apologies for my bad english. It’s not my native language.

    moving on now.

  33. RANDOMmichael Says:

    this is a v. good idea, because in australia it gets pretty hot in december. I don’t hink ill try it though.

  34. jo Says:

    right where do i begin!

    firstly its not a fight its a lost battle on your behalfi really dont know where to begin im so full of great answers and remarks to your crappy lil chapter.

    1:i do have friends obviously as i to stumbled upon this website, read the article but thats where we differ i found it completly crap! i have been on the beach on that particular day but to my dismay not surfing the surf was crap and so i was online in the evening not at 1:52 but at around 9 or 10pm and so i just wondered whether or not anyone had replied to it, i to never uasully reply to things like this but i feel its really more of a “prooving a point” matter.

    2:i fail to see how you have obtained zero social skills from my above paragraphs i just simply analysed the design and spoke my thoughts.

    3:firstly i want to say that i am a designer and i have studied it at a level resistant materials and have designed many completly new products, i totally agree that this design is simple and cheap in that sense yes it is a fantastic design, but it is totally pointless first of all with the whole safety of strapping a hose and electric fan together and secondly what is the point when you can buy it so cheap? i meen if you make it great! but theres no need to share it with the world on the internet its no massive money saving scheme. then theres the fact that the water is not cooled and so it will get hot extremly quickly as in it will heat through the hose and almost instantaneously as it leaves the nossel, if anything breaks or falls ie the wires holding the hose then your gonna trip your whole house and the damage and repair would be considerably more exspenve than bying a garden hose misting adapter! also the fact about daisy chaining about five extension sockets across a garden is not that appealing to me!

    4:what the chuff you on about “hanging about in the mall” you think im some little 12 year old? and my “atrophied” brain is studying at a university come this september hmmm have you been to uni? probably not and the wright brothers actually invented something worthwhile they joined continents together through their design! as well as ford and bell and all the others that we hear about but whats this design seriously offer? a cheap and dangerous solution to getting hot in the garden when a solution that is both cheap and safe has already been invented and probably in continuous production since the late 60’s!
    and yes now i can really see it the reason why we have atomic energy is because of people like chris! people who invent pointless inventions?!?!?! i really dont think so!
    oh yeh nb: ford didnt invent the engine he developed it so hes not that special really.

    5:and finally i bring this argument to a close by stating the fact again that i am a designer we were marked on designing to solve a problem ni both the first and second year one of my favourite projects was my lamp that i made the problem was that stylish lamps are not affordable i made the whole thing from MDF rings and illuminous acrylic which lit up to give an orange glow i made the whole thing for around テつ」3 now thats not something that comes from this”mall” boxed with instructions i even planned a visit to a lighting company that specialises in this sort of stuff for an evaluation of my design and the designer who i questioned said it was brilliant, may i ask what contribution to humanity you have made? i doubt very much.

    finally thank you for the apology for your crap vacob and grammer!

    and i am polite and always answer to posts so i did bother anyways like i sayt its about proving a point!

    anyone got any problems with that?

  35. jo Says:

    wait ive just read the above explanation of this and firstly pressure does not change the size of the nozzle and so the droplets will stay the same size but just will be quiker at leaving the nozzle and even if the evaporation of water into moisture in the air is cooling the water (which i have my doubts about as when you boil a kettle you need heat the water turns from liquid to gas (water vapour) and so it is an endothermic reaction and requires heat) your talking about a minute nano degree not a “couple” of degrees unless i am sadly mistaken (chemistry is indeed another one of my subjects) please do explain to me if i am wrong as you may know far more about this than i.

  36. bipin Says:

    wow! genius idea but for saving water while bathing.
    enviromentalists would say “save water save life and use .. an outdoor mist cooling system
    ooooooooooppppppppppps sorry out door bathing system”

  37. Linda Says:

    I have MS and must stay cool while boating in our poontoon boat. Misting is a great way to stay cool. Great idea, any ideas as any thoughts as how to apply it to a party boat?

  38. Mike Says:

    Brilliant idcea my friend, hope you keep up the good work and dont listen to the nay sayers!!


  39. mike Says:

    Jo, give it up. you look like an idiot still.

  40. craig Says:

    Ran accross this site by accident. I’ve been in the outdoor cooling biz for 10 years now. I’ve been contracting for the Walt Disney World Company for the past six. Misting systems are also called “low pressure” systems that work off your standard household water pressure. They will get everything in the surrounding environment wet however, if one is sitting poolside, they are very refreshing. In order to get water to evaporate, you have to increase the pressure through the use of a high pressure water pump to at least 600 PSI. This decreases the size of the water droplet enough to evaporate even in high humidity regions. This is referred to as a “Fogging” system. They are expensive but very effective. Mist works by getting you wet…Fog works by forcing water to evaporate which uses the heat calories in the air to turn water into a gasious state.

  41. Al Goupnya Says:

    Presently in the middle of a lawsuit. Purchased a $52000.00 misting “cooling system” for my
    warehouse (1.5 million cubic feet) in Houston. Promised a 20 degree temperature drop. Best
    result was a temp increase of two degrees. System is high pressure with eleven (11) 50inch
    oscilatting fans. 4 micron nozzles. Everything damp. Employees slip on floors. Products damaged
    from excess moisture. I can see these systems have thier place but not in my type application
    and/or location. Just another opinion to consider.

  42. MaienM Says:

    Jo, the poin is thayt if the stores are closed, this is an fast solution.
    Why bother fighting about it, GO SEARCH A LIFE.
    I think its a great idea.

  43. Dave Says:

    As a chemical engineer, I am puzzled, Jo–You were bright enough to realize that changing the state of water from liquid to gas requires heat input–thus, an endothermic reaction–But, unable to make the connection that in this case, the heat is supplied by the surrounding air. Further, if you’ll check specific heat of water (the amount of energy it takes to raise 1cc of H2O by 1 deg C) and the heat of evaporation of water (the amount of energy it takes to change 1cc of H2O water to a vapor), you’ll notice they are very high relative to many other common compounds. This interesting characteristic is exactly what makes misting coolers (like this one) so effective. I’m sure you will post if you have any more questions needing to be answered…

    PS–in your above post, “1:i do have friends obviously as i to stumbled upon this website, read the article but thats where we differ…”

    “to” should be “too”.


  44. Kris Says:

    Wow, thanks for this info, It is sooooo hot right now and my DH took your photo’s and made us one just like it. It is a blessing, even though inside is to hot to bear, the patio is now at least comfortable. Thanks bunches for thinking this up. DH just left to see if he can find misting nozzels to put on PVC with an elbow to make a finer mist as the bottle we used isn’t fine enough. Maybe make a stand with PVC to put in front of the fan. Anyway thanks again, the pictures helped!
    Puget Sound area 90+ and no airconditioning.

  45. Richard Says:

    Jo, you obviously are from the UK and obviously have had some form of education, however, certain things are are apparent: #1 You have an cobmative and argumentative nature, #2 You are bored, #3 You do not like to be wrong and lastly #4 The money spent on your education could have been put to better use elsewhere if you cannot at least spell words correctly. I am not impressed by the “credentials” that you have presented and I think ythat it is you that needs to get a life, as you appear to be the happiest when you are trying to make others lives miserable, as you are!

  46. David Says:

    Chris – First off, nice one mate ! Its a great idea and I love it. Second please accept my appologies on behalf of all British people
    for that cretin Jo. We have an education system in the UK but it appears that this idiot didnt attend. We have a word for people
    like this in our country – they are called “Chavs” Best thing to do with them is ignore them, they are uneducated (despite thier claims)
    mindless muppets. Cant see a link to their website, with their great designs and ideas.

    Keep up the good work mate and dont let the idiots get you down !

  47. Misting Fans Says:

    This really is a neat little idea. I might decide to try this out when I get home today.. though I wish I had thought of this / seen this blog when a week or so ago when it was 102 here in CT..

  48. Bill Says:

    We have been useing misters on show cattle for about ten years in Texas we use 48 to 52 inch floor fans works great down here ya’ll come visit now ya’ll hear.

  49. rob Says:

    Great idea.
    Ignore jo and it will go away, can we get back to Home Engineering rather than psychology.

  50. mick Says:

    How do you work out the number of nozzles a pump can handle?

    I have a 20-35 kg/cm2 (284-500psi) pump that is rated at 17-27 l/min (4-7 gals/min).

    Also have some nozzles marked FOG 2010. What size are these?

  51. Paw in south Texas Says:

    Most of you people are just eat up with the dumb a**…….. The man had 30 min. to put this together, He did, it worked. Sure you can buy all kinds of things to replace this, but to think it up, build it, in the spur-of-the-moment, and it works is “Great”… You sound like a bunch of Deemocrates bashing Bush. Don’t ageravate the problum — find a solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. David Says:

    They guy in Houston with the warehouse…completely false statements. He has way too many nozzles on each fan probably. I specialize in warehouse cooling in Houston, and the products do work in any humidity level. You have to have a high pressure pump, and a ceramic center mounted nozzle from

  53. Jess Says:

    This is a great idea when you have acess to electricity and water. For those needing a portable, self contained application for boats, e-z ups, or even tree branches, check out the Kool Kase at It’s a great system, and the price isn’t outrageous compared to similar systems.

  54. francis Says:

    I just want to add something to the shit that this ‘jo’ character has been spreading over this feed. Firstly his comments about ‘vocabulary’. Incorrect use of a question mark is a grammatic error, not one of vocabulary. Further, that post in question did use correct grammar you are simply too stupid to understand it. The question asked was ‘why don’t you get a life?’,’i don’t know, try’ were in parenthesis.Also your post is dated showing that were indeed sitting alone reading a post about a water sprayer on a Saturday night. Your incessant baying only served to further demonstrate the decrepit state of your social life. An mdf lamp with illuminous acrylic(luminous actually, illuminous means it emits lights) that sounds nasty and tacky, something you might knock together as an excuse for style. Also, although the diameter of the nozzle is not affected by the increase in pressure, the surface tension of the water is broken up by the force and thuse creates a finer spray. Finally, even if the water leaving the hose was at 100 degrees, it would still cool the air as when water moves from a liquid to a gas it adsorbs a huge ammount of energy known as the specific latent heat which for water is a massive 2260 kJ per mole meaning that every 18 grams of water vaporised will have a greater effect than a 3kw air conditioning device(inefficiency taken into account). I’d like to surmise that from what I have read, you are clearly a person who has no knowledge of chemistry, grammar and very, very bad taste.
    Incidentally to other reader who are looking to construct this, I would recommend using a nozzle from a garden spray bottle just to be sure there are no nasty cleaning agents floating around in your air, you don’t want that stuff flavoring our hamburgers.

  55. snoggerboy Says:

    Yeah Francis…!

  56. Allison Says:

    I wanted to add something to this too – another site I have seen with great misting systems for patios, either for your home or restaurant, golf course, etc. They have complete packages and you can build the mist systems yourself. Here’s the site:

  57. ASIF WATER ART Says:


  58. Willy-Bill Says:

    “2:i fail to see how you have obtained zero social skills from my above paragraphs i just simply analysed the design and spoke my thoughts.”

    I think he spoke more then his opinion. But then I generally don’t play the devils advocate, so I won’t make an exception this time. Sorry Jo, DIY is alway’s better then wasting, and I emphasis the word wasting, money if you can build it. It won’t be long and you, the “buy it” advocate, will feel the financial crunch this world is headed for and will find yourself putting something together from scratch instead of buying the product for x amount of dollars.

  59. megan Says:

    This was great I am going to be making these for an outdoor church picnic in September. I live in Florida with the awesome humidity (sarcasm)so it might not work exactly as its supposed to but it will still be fun for the kids and grown up to stay some what cooler. Thanks bunches :)

  60. RodC Says:

    To add credibility to francis’s argument I’m both a mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. If water evaporating didn’t cool so well we wouldn’t have swamp coolers in the dry climates now would we Jo? Go get an education sonny and stop bashing others for being economical and inventive. I can obviously tell you are late teens/or 20 max and insecure in yourself. As you get older and more mature you will become more confident in your own skills that you won’t go looking to put someone else down to feel better. I’m sorry your light design didn’t make you feel like a winner, but don’t let it make you cynical. You should know best how it feels to be put down, so why do this to others? Look deep inside that mirror Jo because those people who have made you feel this way aren’t worth it. You are going places if you can only throw away the people who put you down for no reason. They were jealous of your independence, like you are jealous of this guy’s. Sir I’ve designed (engineered) over 20 years and I can tell you that the worse engineers are the ones who are insecure and can’t keep an open mind. Don’t end up like them. Such a tragedy greater than any death, because if you’re mind is closed to possibilities (outside your own) how can you expect to learn?

    I came here because I wanted to build a mist (swamp) cooling unit for a small storage cooler. I think there are certain dangers that people should be aware of when applying this method. Jo is right that water and electricity are a dangerous combo. Especially when there is a electric load applied in a water environment. But I like independent thinkers, this is what makes great men and I like this guy’s independence and ingenuity. Keep up the good work!

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