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All material on this site unless specified © Christoffer Järnåker, 2005
Projects and/or pictures and/or text provided are intellectual propery
of Christoffer Järnåker unless specified.

This set of web pages are simply my and other people’s way of documenting
what we’ve done and to share these ideas with other people. If you try out
any of the projects or texts here then you should understand that doing so
might jeopardize your devices warranty, functionality and your own safety.
And no, we won’t take any responsibility for any of the text here… You’re
on your own if you f–k up.

Linking to this page is up to you, but I would appreciate an email
if you do so. Framed linking, or similar, which might deactivate the
Google ad’s on this page is not allowed. Copying of material (text and
pictures) is not allowed. If you wish to do so then please contact me.

Reposting articles from this site is only allowed if you use a
minimal amount of text ( like an introduction or an extract ) and pictures
( like an introductionary picture) in the post. You always need to provide
a link back to the original article.

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