9th 2005f December, 2005

The real hard drive clock

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Hard drive clock
Hard drive clocks has been around for as long as hard drives has been around. The first ones simply had a disc and the regular hands, the second generation had a whole hard drive and regular hands, and I’ve also seen a very nice one which is using light and a spinning disc to show the time. But except for the last example they still look like a clock with those plastic hands.

In part 3 we take a look on how to build The real hard drive clock. Even though this clock might not fit into every home, it definitely has something about it that makes it nice to look at.

Read about how it was done in The real hard drive clock

7th 2005f December, 2005

Hard drive storage box

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Hard drive jewel case
In part 2 of ‘Things to do with 20 hard drives’ we will build a storage box out of one hard drives. The goal is to make the box look exactly like to original hard drive complete with screws and everything.
And the finished box made that goal and looks exactly like the original except for in one angle.

A note to anyone following these series, all parts of this projects end up in the ‘hard drive category’.

Read more about the Hard drive storage box

6th 2005f December, 2005

Things to do with 20 old hard drives

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Half a meter of hard drives
I have twenty 3.5″ hard drives collecting dust in my garage (10Gb and all working) and I will use them to do things. What things I haven’t decided yet, but I already have a couple of ideas. The first one is almost finished and will be posted here in a day or two.

-But- I need your help to come up with more ideas!
We have 20 nice shiny discs, as many read/write heads complete with arm, 40 very powerful magnets, and so on. It’s actually only the imagination that sets the limits.

In this first part we go through the, maybe trivial but vital, task of taking the drive apart in its components without damaging anything.

Read more in Things to do with 20 hard drives

2nd 2005f September, 2005

Sexy hard drive – with Plexiglas window

by @ 0:59. Filed under Hack, Hard drives, Projects

Chris once had a dream – a childhood dream – a dream about being able to see his hard drive in action while it was working! And now he realized that dream…
Well, we have seen this before – or have we? This project is not unique in terms of mounting a viewing window on top of the hard drive, but what makes this project stand out is the detail of it and the full description on how you should actually do it. And it comes with thirteen highres pictures. Not to speak of the end result. Wow!!!

Read the whole article here
(you might want to skip the first two pages and go directly to page 3 where the action begins!)

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