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Grynx all started with the wireless Skype phone project that I built back in May 2005. Initially this was hosted on my private website but as it only took days before it got Slashdotted I had to move it to cope with the traffic. Thus Grynx was born.
The name derives from nowhere… I was sitting and just jotting down a couple of names in a meeting earlier the same year and well it sounded fun. Or strange, whatever you want. The original note is what’s here to the left.
The ‘G’ from this note is also the logo that is used for Technorati and as favicon (the small icon next to the www.grynx… in the address line).

What is Grynx?
As I’m a maker (that’s what Makezine calls it’s contributors) and have been making for years, we’re focusing on DIY’s, how-to’s, hacks, and other fun projects.

A good project is a project that someone else can benefit from in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be rocket science and it doesn’t need to include electricity. The typical DIY you would find here is one where you take something that exists and rebuild or hack it so that it works in a different way.

Our aim is to build a nice DIY collection of our own and others projects. Do you have or know about one that you’d like to see here? Then drop us an email!
Grynx is powered by WordPress.

Who runs Grynx?

Christoffer Järnåker
Chris.J: Founder, owner, editor and maker.
I’m Swedish and moved to the Netherlands in 2000. Early thirties, wife and three children. Started with electronics when I was 7 (got zapped with 220v from inserting a screwdriver in my mothers alarm clock) and studied it later on.
Always had an affinity for solving problems around me, which is why I work as an IT manager.

My wife has stopped calling me crazy. Now when she sees me bent over one of my new projects she’ll only shake her head and walk away.

You can contact me directly on chris1 @

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