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Nice activity meter for your hard drive

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Hard drive vu meter

micsaund writes:

On all computer cases I’ve seen, the HD LED is just a single, boring light. Yeah, maybe it comes in blue or purple on your fancier cases, but it’s still just a boring light. I wanted something a bit more flashy and dynamic. For years, I’ve had a Radio Shack 10 segment LED bargraph floating around in my parts box, since I’m a nerd, I naturally love blinking LEDs (das blinkenlights), so the LED bargraph HD light idea was born!

Link: Hard drive LED bar display

3 Responses to “Nice activity meter for your hard drive”

  1. jason Says:

    I found your idea here very interesting, but, i need schematics ( wiring diagrams ) so i can build it too. Could you please send me some.??

    Is that link correct on your page for the programming for that thing..???

    Thank you..

  2. Chris J. Says:

    jason: You can contact the author of this article here
    And yes, the link seems to be working just fine.

    Good luck,

  3. Michael Says:

    wondering if you could send the schematics on design. Or step by step guide thanks.

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