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DIY Keylogger

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Did you ever wonder what Mr. X is doing all that time behind his computer in the office? Thought of installing a keylogger but didn’t dare to as it might get detected as spyware? Then you should get a keylogger which plugs in between the keyboard and the computer. As it’s a piece of hardware that only listnens to the traffic from the keyboard it’s undetectable.

Try a hardware keylogger instead of a software keyboard logger! This hardware keyboard recorder is system independent, undetectable for software, and installs in seconds (even with the PC off).

We present the prototype version of the KeeLogger with full documentation, electrical schematics, and program. Operation of this device is similar to the KeeLogger Pro version, although download is initiated by a special button. Also the DIY keylogger version logs all data on the PS/2 keyboard line, so memory isn’t used as efficiently as in the commercial version.

Ok, a device like that would be nice to buy for a mere $32 – but why not build one yourself?
It’s easier then you think as they will show you over at

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  1. Zyga Says:

    I saw that they have USB keylogger as well. Personaly I think it’s good idea couse software loggers are easily trackable – see the list of already blocked apps at symantec page

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