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Inverted gardening

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Upside down gardening
Nerdy as we might be we still need oxygen and that is provided to us by the plants. And plants might not be the most erotic subject for maker’s but there is a solution to that – plant them upside down. As a true DIY’er this is just something that you have to spend half an hour to do and I’m sure you can do it with a higher finish then what has been done on this site.

Hey! What else can we plant things in? This brings me to think about my currently still standing Things to do with 20 hard drives project. A plant in a hard drive? Hmm, maybe…

Link: OhCripes

3 Responses to “Inverted gardening”

  1. Sanketh Says:


  2. tickomeng Says:


    I am just interested to noe if there are any scientific reasons y u plant this thing for? I mean like if u invert a plant, will there be any significant changes or difference from a normal upright plant? And y?


  3. Don Bigote Says:

    It’s a fact this works on tomato.. but has anyone tried growing pepper upside-down?

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