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Hard drive storage box

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Hard drive jewel case
In part 2 of ‘Things to do with 20 hard drives’ we will build a storage box out of one hard drives. The goal is to make the box look exactly like to original hard drive complete with screws and everything.
And the finished box made that goal and looks exactly like the original except for in one angle.

A note to anyone following these series, all parts of this projects end up in the ‘hard drive category’.

Read more about the Hard drive storage box

2 Responses to “Hard drive storage box”

  1. BLueminies Says:

    wont it be nice to keep it over the TVs, walls, recks, etc for display. like people keep vasses and frames.

  2. aklys Says:

    wow!! your project very amazing,….

    how to build bluetooth/wireless hard drive??..

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