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What a home computer will look like in 2004

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Modern home computer
When I grew up in the seventies then the TV series pictured the future computers on the future space ships with a lot of blining lights and bells and whistles. That was of course sooo cool – back then that is.
I found this picture some time ago, and frankly I don’t know where it origially comes from, but it must be from the 50’s as they talk about ’50 years from now’. One thing that makes me wonder though is what on earth they need that big wheel for? It just doesn’t make any sense to me…

Link: What a home computer will look like in 2004

7 Responses to “What a home computer will look like in 2004”

  1. tim Says:

    because it’s a submarine simulator, not a computer…

  2. ninjabong Says:

    yawp! snopes totally debunked it:

  3. Chris J. Says:

    Hahaha! God, I really fell for it!
    Thanks for the link, it really explains what the wheel is for :)

  4. John S. Says:

    It’s a ship’s engine room control center. That big wheel is used to control the speed of steam

  5. Terry K. Says:

    No, they use it to turn the hard disk.

  6. perlpower Says:

    sorry this is a hoax i read it in a pop sci article!

  7. Jose Says:

    That wheel is the mouse…lol

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