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Build an record cleaning machine

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Record cleaning machine
Everyone (!) knows that vinyl sounds better then CD! Or… maybe not everyone. But there’s still a lot of people that really care about the quality of the music and they tend to prefer vinyl to CD’s.
The one thing that causes most people to believe that CD sounds better then vinyl is that CD’s don’t produce that irritating background noise. Well it can be irritating, but the noise is caused by dust and fat on the record and that gets picked up by the pickup – if you don’t clean it. Back in the good old days people very often had a fine brush to lift off the dust but they only work partially.
To really clean you record you first need to apply a special cleaning liquid, then brush it with the brush, and last suck off all the dust, fat and liquid.
Chris at Teres Audio made a record cleaning machine to solve this. Less then $50 and you have a professional tool to take care of your old records.

Link: Record cleaning machine

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