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Build an egg timer wakeup clock

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Rafael writes:

I am unemployed at the moment, but I’m very busy. I tend to work late nights and wander over to bed when I run completely out of steam. The problem is that this happens at a different time every day. I end up being too lazy and stupid to re-set the alarm clock, so I don’t bother. I oversleep. Recently I realized that I need a special alarm clock that instead of going off at a particular time goes off after a set duration. Like an egg timer, but grand!.

In a brief DIY he explains how to put this together.
If you’re new to programming PIC’s then you’ll find some links at the end of the article to get you started.

Link: PIC wakeup clock

One Response to “Build an egg timer wakeup clock”

  1. Larry the Cable Guy Says:

    Wow you are dumber then i am!!!! Im looking for how to make a 1 minute egg timer not a dumb alarm that you made or about your personal life so ya if i dont like you!!!!

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