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Telephone tapping

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Telephone tapping
By using an old laptop, a home made chat-cord and some parts from an old telephone you can build a telephone tapping device. Add Atropos to the mix and you have yourself an telephone call archiving system that will save all incoming and outgoing calls. Maybe not that legal if you actually use it, as it’s illegal to tap phones in most contries. It’s probably even illegal to tap you own phone but a fun project non the less.
Step by step instructions and and even a sample of an incoming phone call.

Link Telephone archiver tapping device.

5 Responses to “Telephone tapping”

  1. Loye Young Says:

    In Texas (and most other states) and under Federal law, it’s only considered wiretapping if NEITHER person on the call knows of the recording. It is perfectly legal to record your own conversations. After all, the other party should have no beef with the people on the call remembering what was said.

    Whether the recording may be played to another person not on the phone call is a complicated question, but it’s really not related to the question of whether the call can be recorded in the first place.

  2. Stanley Says:

    Anyone know about the law in UK?
    I’m gonna do it anyway, but it’s nice to be legal for a change 😉

  3. Stanley Says:

    Also, there’s an easier way, but it has a few flaws.
    Take phone apart.
    Find the cables that go to the speaker.
    Take some leads off those, on to a male small jack.
    Plug male small jack into mic in.
    Run Atropos or Audacity, click record.
    Turn the screen off and leave. Come back later and scroll across for any big squiggles.
    Listen to what people have been saying.
    You can try to neatly glue your cable alongside the phone cable, under the desk, and into your PC.
    This works by saying everything that goes to phone speaker to atropos.
    Everything said on the local phone still goes to phone speaker.
    People may notice the extra cable.
    It is different on every phone, but I have done it successfully on three different phones
    It only works on the HANDSET, not the line
    Cordless phones are no longer cordless

  4. Linda in CO Says:

    I think my phone is tapped. I have had serious issues for a wekk +.
    We are on comcast cable, is that tappable? The phone company wouldn’t tell me (or the chick was clueless?) but they are going to have a technician check.
    HAlf the time I can’t call out and the calls in sometimes are dropped. When the calls DO come through, there are audible clicks.
    Any info? I’m in CO.

  5. Willy-Bill Says:

    Just to note, if it is your personal home telephone line, and you don’t plan to use such device in court cases, to spread nasty rumors, or other harmful uses, then it is perfectly legal in the U. S. to record your personal lines in your own house.

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