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Chewing gum makes you smarter

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Who doesn’t want to become smarter? Or at least give yourself a boost in mental capacity?

Maya writes:

Research has shown that chewing does indeed increase our ability to concentrate and to retain what we’ve learned. In fact, studies indicate that, for both kids and adults, mental tasks are completed up to 20% more effectively when we chew gum.

Here’s why: When we chew–whether it’s food, gum or just air—we respond by salivating, which releases a surge of insulin. Our body gets ready for a meal. The insulin leads to an increased heart rate and sends glucose and oxygen to our brain.

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And while we’re talking gum, Rob (on the picture) asked himself: How much is inside a pack of gum?. Not something that you think about every day, but still quiet funny!

Thanks Michael for the tip!

11 Responses to “Chewing gum makes you smarter”

  1. Bill Gates Says:

    I Bill Gates would award this article a 5 out of 5 stars. This is one out of many great articles I have ever read.

  2. Jackson Capper Says:

    Wow! It’s amazing how we can tweak our bodies to perform better by exploiting natural mechanisms.
    I always got in trouble for chewing gum in class.

  3. Staff at Club Chew Says:

    If you would like to try the smart, new chewing gum, visit, click ‘distributors’ and request a sample!!!!
    Ever chew Sweet Corn gum?

  4. PaRiS HiLtOn Says:

    OMG. thes is tha best articlee I;ve ever read/omg whoops-typoo

  5. PaRiS HiLtOn Says:

    OMG. thes is tha best articlee I;ve ever read/omg whoops-typoo!

  6. Gerard Tarr Says:

    We tried this excuse in class.. Didn’t work dammit..

  7. shawna Says:

    i think you are rite and yeah thanks for putting this because if u dont put this on here i would noe no proof that gum chewing makes u smarter

  8. Rashid Says:

    I never knew that before. Plus it such a big suprise to me. I guess that know thanks to me,
    everyong in my class will once again have a good reason for chewing
    gun in class since it got banned because people over did it.

  9. amanda Says:

    this comic help kids with their homework cause ill tell u it totally helped me so keep updating your website lol

  10. Romeka Says:

    i think chewing gum does make u smarter and keeps me goin

  11. haley Says:

    omg!! i’m gonna try this in class i bet it will work!! i will start a potition

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