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Build your own tripod

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Sometimes you need a tripod to put things on, like a camera or a telescope. A tripod. Plain and simple three legs that go together in one point where you attach whatever you want to attach. The problem is that the cheap ones available are not stable, and the stable ones are not cheap.
This was the problem that Doug Nelle faced, and using his experience from building tripods earlier he now decided to build one that was stable enough – using crouches!

Yepp, you read it right – crouches. By taking three old-style crouches that he bought from a nearby recycling center he made a stable tripod that can carry some serious weight.

Read how he did it in Your own tripod, cheap!

One Response to “Build your own tripod”

  1. Glen Says:

    shouldn’t it be “crutches”, or is it a dialect difference?

    Nice job, but its kinda jerkish to be stealing crutches from three different people to make your tripod, you selfish so and so. =)

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