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Black toilet paper

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Renova is releasing an all black toilet paper. I have pretty much spent the entire day pondering this concept, dreaming and wondering what kind of advantage using black would have on me and my posterior end. Well after finally reading the Renova press release I have unfortunately come to find out that this toilet paper doesn’t have a point.

Elegant, sophisticated, rebellious, alternative and eternally fashionable, black has become virtually synonymous with chic and style. But while this colour is often present in avant-garde creative work, no one has ever dared to use it for toilet paper until now. Black in the loo, how chic and sophisticated can you get?

Hey Renova, when I want to be chic and elegant while in the loo, I will probably wear a dress, not use black TP.


4 Responses to “Black toilet paper”

  1. Bubba Says:

    Finally a TP that will not stick out amongst the leaves and brush after you leave your woes behind…

  2. some_young_guy Says:

    Might need an extra wipe or 2 just to make sure you’re done.

  3. sfcaman Says:

    This is very cool… I ordered some online from I got 2 6-packs for $12.99
    (each). I put it in my guest bathroom for a dinner party and it certainly made for a fun
    dinner party conversation. The men all got a kick out of it, but the women all thought the pleasant
    fragrance in my bathroom came from some potpourri or an aerosole spray…When I told them the black tp
    was fragranced that blew them away… Renova Black is definitely worth every penny…I’ll definitely
    get their new Red color for my upcoming Christmas parties at home and office! Finaly some color
    coordination for bathrooms and parties! This is fun yet very cool!

  4. toilet paper Says:

    great if your a goth….or those white rolls just dont match your pot pouri. And as for comment #3….cmon your not fooling anyone…you obvoiusly work for that company, just come out and say, hey I work for this company and by it from here. Dont treat us like were idiots.

    I agree with comment two for sure, how do you know when your done wiping? It would be hard to check, lol

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