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Hack an elevator into express mode

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We reported earlier on the cross walk button hack, and this goes kind of in the same spirit.
Imaging sitting on 23rd floor (which wouldn’t really happen over here – but anyway) and wanting to get down to the ground floor. Now, typically you would have a stop at every 2-3 floors on your way down and thus the ride will take a long time.
Well try this – press the close doors button and the ground floor button at the same time and if you’re lucky the elevator with skip all the inbetween floors and go directly to the requested floor.
Neat huh?

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One Response to “Hack an elevator into express mode”

  1. aaron Says:

    look i am an elevator mechanic and all that bullshit someone wrote about holding
    D/C and your call demand at the sametime is in fact wrong. the only way you can have and
    elevator put on express/executive simulation to put the car on what we elevator people call
    “independent mode” other that that if you elevator is not enable for independent mode you are
    left waiting like everyone else.

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