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FedEx kittens – Don’t try this at home folks!

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A South Carolina man packed up a brush trimmer for a FedEx return to Country Home Products in Vermont and inadvertently included five kittens with the shipment. Apparently, the box was in his barn and the kittens snuck in before he sealed it. Fortunately, they survived the two-day trip. From the Associated Press:

“My co-worker Alan Bean opened the box. Something moved. He jumped; and he looked in again and there was five kittens,” (Country Home Products employee Deb) Peters said. “Three black ones, a gray one and one that looked like a Siamese.”

Country Home employees dashed to the nearby Vergennes Animal Hospital and returned with bottles of kitten formula, which the kittens devoured.

The 3-week-old kittens were taken to Addison County Humane Society in Middlebury, where they met Hazel, a black domestic cat whose kittens had just been weaned. Hazel is a now a surrogate mother to the kittens…


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