31st 2005f August, 2005

A Simple Guide to Shaving

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Todd is a smart guy. He knows that a man’s face is not something that you mess around with, and therefore he wrote what some of us but not all of us already knew – How to shave!
In five easy steps he can actually improve the way you shave your face for the rest of your life and with a good result.

Todd writes:

Your mileage may vary, but this process has always given me excellent results and I find I don’t have to shave as often, either. This also reminds me of an article I read in Men’s Health a while back comparing razors—disposable, midrange, electric, and a professional barber. The winner? The midrange one, because of the job it did and it resulted in fewer knicks.

And I can only agree when he says “I’m going to stick with this process for a while, I think. I can’t argue with results and no batteries required.”

Read it in full at A Simple Guide to Shaving

Using a bluetooth headset with Skype

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Some time ago we wrote about the Wireless Skype Phone project and I remember someone mentioning to me that it would be so much more convienent to use a bluetooth headset. And I do agree with this as long as you sit by your computer or within the range of the bluetooth antenna (which by the way is up to a maximum of 10m). If not – then the Wireless Skype Phone still kicks ass.

So here I present you with two links utilizing a bluetooth headset with Skype. is a Palm Treo oriented website and Andrew shows you a step-by-step on how he did it.

A thread at with the subject “This is how to make a Bluetooth headset work with XP SP2” also has a lot of pointers on how to do this and is more general then the Treo article

26th 2005f August, 2005

The EX – Voodoo knife holder

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CSB Commodities has launched a knife holder out of the ordinary. The product is called “The EX” which I guess implies that this is a perfect way of keeping you ex wife/husband in mind everyday – if you have one. Even if don’t have one I do believe that this is a great product and I surley want one on my kitchen zink to replace all those knifes in the drawers.

From their website:

A radical alternative to the typical block o’ wood!
* Unique Artistic Holder
* This display will be the talk of the party
* Innovative Knife Suspension System
* Individual Protective Knife Sleeves
* Heavy Gauge Durable Stainless Steel Blades and Hollow Handles
* Razor Sharp Precision Cutting Blades
* 25 Year Warranty

The EX is currently out of stock but they say it will be available again by September, but we’ll see if they can live up to that.
It seems to me that this company doesn’t sell to the public though so we’ll have to wait and see if we can find this in the kitchen supply stores before christmas.
$79.99 usd is what they’ll charge you for this beuty – knifs included.

You can see a larger picture here.

23rd 2005f August, 2005

The return of PacMan?

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One would easy be lead to think that this is something completely different then what it actually is. It’s a picture of a exploding baloon, one picture out of 15 similar ones made by Chris DiBona visiting the foocamp’s high speed photography session set up by MAKE. The pictures has been taken at the moment the baloons are in mid-pop and they really look great.
It would be interesting though if they’d also made an article about how they actually did these…

See all of these great photographs here.

22nd 2005f August, 2005

Caffine will kill you. But what does it take?

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Everyone knows that caffine is addictive, and as so many other addictive substances it’s harmful for you. This guy has actually build an small caffine calculator where you fill in your poison (Pepsi, Coke, Jolt) and your weight and it will calculate how much you need to drink of this to commit suicide. For example: I’m 72kg so the calculator says… After 230.50 cups of Tea (Iced), you’d be pushing up daisies.
Hmm, let’s see. 230 cups of ice tea. It must be a cheaper way to terminate yourself.

Have a look at the calculator at

7th 2005f August, 2005

Sam, “World’s Ugliest Dog”

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I didn’t know that dogs coult be this ugly, but apparently they can be… Sam & Susie (his mom) has put up a blog where they among other things link to some live footage taken by CBS. Here are some funny comments that they put in their blog:

    “At first a friend and I looked at it and screamed. . . but after taking a closer look, well still ugly, but probably the sweetest thing.”
    “If they remake the movie “The Omen”, Sam will have a career!”
    “If Satin had a dog, this would be it! He is Ug-ly!”

Read everything about him at

5th 2005f August, 2005

200 very handy tips and tricks

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Some time ago I stubled on this page, and finally I thought that this is actually something for everyone.

It’s plain and simple 200 collected secrets, like sort of grandma’s tips. I don’t know who’s actually collected these – but it’s a really qualitative collection!
Here’s some that I personally like.

  1. Keep potatoes from sprouting – Store apples with them.
  2. What to do about grease spills – Pour ice water over it, it will lift off before it can soak in.
  3. Cheese cutting tips – A dull knife is more successful than a sharp one.
  4. What to do when shoes get stiff – Cut a raw potato and rub all over. They will come back to life
  5. Prevent flowers from fading – Use a few drops of chlorine bleach in water, add an aspirin for life

Read all secrets here

FedEx kittens – Don’t try this at home folks!

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A South Carolina man packed up a brush trimmer for a FedEx return to Country Home Products in Vermont and inadvertently included five kittens with the shipment. Apparently, the box was in his barn and the kittens snuck in before he sealed it. Fortunately, they survived the two-day trip. From the Associated Press:

“My co-worker Alan Bean opened the box. Something moved. He jumped; and he looked in again and there was five kittens,” (Country Home Products employee Deb) Peters said. “Three black ones, a gray one and one that looked like a Siamese.”

Country Home employees dashed to the nearby Vergennes Animal Hospital and returned with bottles of kitten formula, which the kittens devoured.

The 3-week-old kittens were taken to Addison County Humane Society in Middlebury, where they met Hazel, a black domestic cat whose kittens had just been weaned. Hazel is a now a surrogate mother to the kittens…


Hack an elevator into express mode

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We reported earlier on the cross walk button hack, and this goes kind of in the same spirit.
Imaging sitting on 23rd floor (which wouldn’t really happen over here – but anyway) and wanting to get down to the ground floor. Now, typically you would have a stop at every 2-3 floors on your way down and thus the ride will take a long time.
Well try this – press the close doors button and the ground floor button at the same time and if you’re lucky the elevator with skip all the inbetween floors and go directly to the requested floor.
Neat huh?

Read it in full at

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