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Tattooed Fruit Is on Way

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It was bound to happen, and now it apparently did. You now these small stickers that they put on all fruit so that you know what you’re actually are eating? They can be very hard to get off and as Ms. Lemeaux, 76, said

“I was picking all the little stickers from the Piggly Wiggly off my plums and my avocado pears and my peaches. Then I had to make fruit salad out of the ones that got hurt when I took the stickers off, and then I had to wash the glue off the other ones before I put them in the fruit bowl.”

, I can understand her frustration.
“If they are sticky enough to stay on the fruit through the whole distribution and sales network, they are so sticky that the customer can’t get them off,” said Michael Hively, general manager of Bland Farms in Reidsville, Ga., the country’s largest grower and packer of sweet Vidalia onions.

To producers, the stickers are messy, expensive and inefficient. “The industry knows that the days of the P.L.U. sticker are numbered and that there will have to be new systems,” said Don Harris, vice president for produce at Wild Oats, a national chain of markets, and chairman of the Produce Electronic Identification Board, an industry group. “Customers do not like them, and they don’t hold enough information anyway.”

Source: New York Times

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