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How to poach an egg

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Eggs in all honour, they’re lovely – but not poached!? At least that is the opinion of many people as they’ve had an ‘bad poach experience’ in the past or are simply revolted by the looks of one. Rob, an egg lover, were of the same opinion but decided to give it another shot – with Google in one hand and the fryingpan in the other?

Rob Manuel writes:
I love eggs. Scrambled, soft boiled, hard-boiled, fried, or an omelette, I’ve yet to find a way of serving an egg that I didn’t fundamentally think was wonderful.

And yet I haven’t eaten a poached egg in 15 years.

Why? Fear. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of “stringy egg soup”. Fear of stinky vinegar stinking up the house.

So I thought to myself, “surely there’s a website that’ll give me advice on the perfect poached egg?”

And to google I go, and of course there is a thousand and one bloody sites. And guess what? It’s a hotbed of conflicting advice. Every chef has a different method. I’m confused, I don’t want choice – I want results.
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