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How to build a cardboard chair

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It’s not anything new that when you need a chair – you don’t have one. But what if you could have a low weight, low cost, foldable chair inside your backpack or briefcase?? Designboom held a competition which ended in the summer of 2003, (what do you mean? old news? Naaa!) and it resulted in a lot of foldable chairs in both cardboard and plastic. I just love this concept, and I wonder where I can buy my own… Read more here


7 Responses to “How to build a cardboard chair”

  1. Henry Gates Says:

    I am looking for folding chairs to sell for my young enterprise buisness,
    i have always wanted a folding cardboard chair myself and i was wondering
    if anyone would be able tell me how to get some

  2. BLueminies Says:

    woudnt tht be a pain in the ass after siting somtime?

  3. bianca Says:

    I’m in school taking a fundmental class and wanting to know. How do you build it. how is it possible. I want to know

  4. Chris J. Says:

    Bianca: Have you checked the links in the article?? Follow the ‘Read more here’ and you should be able to figure it out

  5. Howard Says:

    A cardboard chair? That sounds useless. Usually where ever I go, there is a chair available. But if there is not, why would I carry a card board chair?

  6. Juan Says:

    I ned 100 cardboard chairs where can I buy in USA

  7. Dakota Says:

    i have to build a chair and i can’t build it out of wood can anyone help me with that?

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