20th 2005f July, 2005

Photo Radar Defense

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Now this would definetly be something very illegal in most countries – but non the less it’s a great product. After all, the cops has to see that you have it before they can arrest you for it, but as it’s visible from ‘normal’ angles that shouldn’t happen.
A quote on their website states: This product may not be legal in some cities or states. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes.
It’s a thin film that you stick in front of your license plate which will only be visible when viewed from a straight angle or a slight angle. If you look at it from the side or from above (where cameras are usually located) the you won’t see anything.
The film is $27.99 for US plates and $39.99 for international customers. If you need to have one for outside the US then your film will be made to your own countries specifications.

From their website:

The Super Protector is your defense against the red light camera and the speed camera. It is a cover for your license plate that makes the numbers on your license plate(s) unreadable by a photo radar or red light camera. When you view the license plate straight on, the numbers are perfectly readable, but from the angle of the speed camera or red light camera, the numbers can not be seen.


Smooth Wake-Up Light

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Japanese company Matsushita has released a wake-up light that gradually brightens at 30 minutes before a set time. That in itself is nothing new, but the lamp also makes bird-chirping sounds two minutes prior to the alarm time, rendering horrific, shrieking demon birds in your dreams. If that “chirp chirp� is too cheesy for you, you can opt for a slightly less cheeky version and set it to wake you with a “melody that blends the sounds of a music box and tinkling glass.�

The noise is emitted at a frequency of 3,000 to 4,000Hz, which, according to the company, is specially calibtrated to awaken the brain. -RD


Tattooed Fruit Is on Way

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It was bound to happen, and now it apparently did. You now these small stickers that they put on all fruit so that you know what you’re actually are eating? They can be very hard to get off and as Ms. Lemeaux, 76, said

“I was picking all the little stickers from the Piggly Wiggly off my plums and my avocado pears and my peaches. Then I had to make fruit salad out of the ones that got hurt when I took the stickers off, and then I had to wash the glue off the other ones before I put them in the fruit bowl.”

, I can understand her frustration.
“If they are sticky enough to stay on the fruit through the whole distribution and sales network, they are so sticky that the customer can’t get them off,” said Michael Hively, general manager of Bland Farms in Reidsville, Ga., the country’s largest grower and packer of sweet Vidalia onions.


15th 2005f July, 2005

DIY outdoor cooling system

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Summer time is here in the northern hemisphere and with it comes the heat waves. Cooling indoors is of course not something new, but how about cooling down your sitting area outside? In this article we will show you how you can make use of some ordinary things you can find in your home and garage, and put this together to an efficient cooling machine.
I can only say this – you’ll need some cleaning deturgent in an spray bottle and a garden hose.
Read the full article at

13th 2005f July, 2005

My robot vs Your robot?

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One of the largest robotic happenings in the world starts today in Osaka, Japan. Now this is really something that would be worth seeing, especially as it is expected to have around 120.000 visitors this year. Last year in Lissbon only 2.000 visitors came.

330 teams from 31 countries will compete in 10 different classes, 7 senior and 3 junior. They will compete in among other things football and search and rescue. On top of this there will of course be a lot of different robots on display.

Official homepage
More information from Akihabaranews. Lots of nice pictures
Schedule for the middle size league

Glowing Hansa Sinks

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A sink is a sink, but not when it has LEDs. Then it’s a Super Sink. This Hansa tap has LEDs that light up in response to the water temperature. Blue is for cold, red is for hot, and white is for plasma. The image shows them looking like blood and toilet water, respectively, but I suppose this sort of LED water UI can help those with no nerve endings in their hands.


Beer with Nicotine

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Now this is just excellent. A German brewer has created a frosty lager for smoking cessation. Each can contains 6.3 percent alcohol by volume and drinking three cans of the stuff, called NicoShot, is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. I think the implications are obvious: smoking makes you skinny and beer makes you fat. So if you add the two together, you get to your ideal weight.


12th 2005f July, 2005

How to poach an egg

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Eggs in all honour, they’re lovely – but not poached!? At least that is the opinion of many people as they’ve had an ‘bad poach experience’ in the past or are simply revolted by the looks of one. Rob, an egg lover, were of the same opinion but decided to give it another shot – with Google in one hand and the fryingpan in the other?

Rob Manuel writes:
I love eggs. Scrambled, soft boiled, hard-boiled, fried, or an omelette, I’ve yet to find a way of serving an egg that I didn’t fundamentally think was wonderful.

And yet I haven’t eaten a poached egg in 15 years.

Why? Fear. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of “stringy egg soup”. Fear of stinky vinegar stinking up the house.

So I thought to myself, “surely there’s a website that’ll give me advice on the perfect poached egg?”

And to google I go, and of course there is a thousand and one bloody sites. And guess what? It’s a hotbed of conflicting advice. Every chef has a different method. I’m confused, I don’t want choice – I want results.
Read the full article here

10th 2005f July, 2005

Google and spelling mistakes

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You just got to admire where Google came from and what it is today. I mean, it can ever guide you in the right direction when you spell something wrong. That’s a good thing! It’s just a shame that people making websites doesn’t spell check their work before publishing – something that a misspelled search on ‘Deaf and hard of hearing’ will show you. Go ahead and try it here.

So, who’s are these websites where the authors can’t spell? The local kinder garden? Well, not really. Boston university and Georgetown university among others – and frankly I would expect more from such institutions 😀

9th 2005f July, 2005

Sony Ericsson W800 – A good looking phone

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I’m the last person to fall for a cellphone, and I’m still running around with my phone from 4 years ago (Nokia 6310) as my true partner. But I must say it – the new SonyEricsson w800 is veeery nice.
It doesn’t look like a toy, the camera actually looks like a camera, it’s a Walkman (yes a Walkman, that’s how SonyEricsson has branded it!), and it’s Orange!!!

Over at Bengalboy they’ve managed to get their hands on one and made a full review over it.

It can be summarized as this (more…)

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