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Create a plasmoid in your microwave oven

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If you’re anything like me then this is something you must try. It’s an experiment to create an plasmoid in your microwave oven using things you’ll be able to find in your home.


Jean-Louis Naudin writes: “I am glad to present you a very simple experiment that you can conduct yourself with common material that you already have in your house. This experiment will allow you to see and check by yourself that a stable Plasmoid ( an artificial Plasma Ball ) can be created in air ( at a pressure of one atmosphere ). This simple and basic experiment is one of the main part of the working principle of an enhanced EHD Plasma reactor used in some advanced flying crafts ( see the Active GDP skin principle )…

Wanna try this out?? Read full article at:ARDA

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  1. computerxpert Says:

    hmmm. looks dangerous!

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