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How to Hack Hotel Room Pay-Per-View

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So you’re sitting in a hotel room, bored, and the few channels that they give you have nothing good on – Gilligans Island re-runs, Golden Girls, and maybe a Pirates game. Nothing good, so you want to watch pay per view – a good movie or a “good” movie – but you don’t want to put up the 10 bucks to get it. Well, here’s how you can still watch it in most hotel rooms:

Step 1: Get a Universal Remote. These are everywhere, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Buy one for 10 bucks if you have to.
Step 2: Program the remote to “000”…this should work in most cases. If it doesn’t, mess around with it until you get the right code.
Step 3: Press “Menu” to go to the TV’s administration.
Step 4: Use the Channel and/or Volume keys to navigate to the “Channel List” option.
Step 5: Use the Left/Right buttons to change to Channel List B. We want to use Channel List B because Channel List A is where we’ll restore the defaults so no one notices later.
Step 6: Go down to “Channel Memory” and here you can use the up and down arrows to tune any and all channels. When the PPV channels come up, tune them.
Step 7: Enjoy free pay-per-view!!!

In addition to getting free pay per view, you can do a lot of things with this “hack.” For example, changing the name of the channels is possible. Instead of “FOX News” it could be “Breast Milk BreakDance.” That would be good.


16 Responses to “How to Hack Hotel Room Pay-Per-View”

  1. your an idiot Says:

    I can understand why some one would want to “hack” into a hotels PPV system, but the way you are describing is not a great way.
    Sure, you can watch your porn and jerk off to it, but if you do not remove the channels that you have added in the next person will
    get those channels as well. All I can say is… how pissed off would you be if your kids turned on the tv and wanted to watch spongebob
    and found debbie getting her ass slammed.. Then again you probably dont care

  2. Mikehell Says:

    Boy, someone’s got a chip on their shoulder. You’ll notice on Step 5 the instructions explicitly state you should restore the defaults. Besides, I’d be a lot more concerned about my child seeing someone getting a gunshot to the head like they can see on any action film than seeing sex.

  3. Jan Says:


    I live in Canada and having FTA reciever at home so I don’t know how to
    watch/setup PPV channel.

    I we keep it watching at home for long time so can they trace our

    I look forward to hear u soon coz PPV hummm

  4. Bruce Says:

    I have an extreme urge to try it out, but I’m a bit worried.

    Is this LEGAL?!?

  5. John Says:

    does this work at home

  6. AK Says:

    What is the trick to programming a hotel TV with a universal remote? I have tried two different remotes from radio shack and multiple hotel TVs, and have never been able to get into the menu TV menu settings to get to the unavailable channels. does anyone have a brand/model# of a universal remote that consistantly works at a variety of hotel brands? thanks.

  7. SW Says:

    This idea is a little dated, and won’t work in most hotels with updated TVs… this is because the newer sets have built in safeguards against exactly this piracy. In fact, in newer properties, all the channels adult and “others”, will be encrypted to the box. And many of the front desk terminals being installed by the PPV companies, used to run billing reports, etc… have tamper alarms that notify staff when a box has been opened or in some cases unplugged from it’s coax feed. this is really a maintenance feature more than it is a security feature, but I suppose you might get in trouble with the Hotel if you got caught.

  8. Dan Says:

    Philips makes a universal remote with big blue buttons. I’m sorry but I’ve had the remote for awhile and I will say that it works well. I’m a commercial pilot and I have my share of overnights in hotels. Use the code 717, like the Boeing 717 and you’re good to go. Enjoy.

  9. Dan Says:

    Messed that last entry up. I’m sorry about not having a model #. The remote works great.

    That’s better.

  10. JS Says:

    Agree with SW in that most of the newer TVs have safeguards and special remote codes (not found on Universal remotes) required to reprogram the channels on the TV. Here’s an interesting site on using an IR Transmitter / Receiver with your laptop to program the TVs and it has the master remote control codes used for most TVS…

  11. Sponge Bob Says:

    I hope I never fly on a commercial flight and have a pilot that thinks stealing PPV movies is okay, something about that pilot says I ought not to trust my life to him. Aside from that, who in there right mind would risk being criminally prosecuted to save friggin 15 bucks it costs to watch a movie. get real.

  12. Square Pants Says:

    How is it that Sponge Bob ended up on a site with instructions on how to hack into a hotels’ PPV and then complain people that that actually do it?

  13. jonedarry Says:

    Can i get any Indian Channels? And someone told me that there is code for locking a seperate channel… Can i use that too if the terms allows?


    Jone Darry

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  14. mac daddy Says:

    Sponge Bob Says:
    March 4th, 2008 at 0:21
    I hope I never fly on a commercial flight and have a pilot that thinks stealing PPV movies is okay, something about that pilot says I ought not to trust my life to him. Aside from that, who in there right mind would risk being criminally prosecuted to save friggin 15 bucks it costs to watch a movie. get real.

    What a troll; get a life dude… most of these pilots are killing hookers in their hotel rooms and eating the remains. =)

  15. wtf Says:


    How the fuck does a pilot watching some action on TV translate into being a terrible driver? You wouldn’t trust your life with him? Do you go out to eat? Have you used a bank? Have you taken a taxi or train or been in a car when you were not the driver? Chances are these people have watched porn at some point, and you have irresponsibly put your life in their hands. How could you? Your kids were in that taxi! That driver has seen a naked woman whom he was not married to! You will burn in hell for your actions. Last week at the Olive Garden a salad maker jerked off before his shift and didn’t wash his hands. Now you are gay and have AIDS! You sick fuck! I hope you get lupus, because that is exactly what you deserve, you hedonistic sodomite.

  16. Trace Heating Says:

    Cool idea, but what happens when they find out the TV has been hacked, won’t they trace it back to you and charge you?

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